Planetside 2, Why Is No One Talking About This Game???

I’ve recently tried to back into Battlefield V, however, I was met with dead servers and game breaking hackers. It was heartbreaking to step back into a game I’ve loved for so long only to see it dead in the water. However, while looking for a decent replacement that still had that sandbox war feel, I stumbled upon a little gem called Planetside 2.

This beauty is a large scale, FPS war game that literally has hundreds of players battling for control of a planet. So, how it works is there are a hand full of continents on this planet, each equally huge in their own right. They are all open world concepts where the three factions engage in real time operations to wrestle control over territories on each continent. Every one and a half hours the campaign for the continent ends, and which ever faction has the most territories wins that continent. It then rotates to the next for the battle to continue!

A Squad Moving To An Objective.

Planetside 2 is perfect for Battlefield veterans like myself. It is a large scale combined arms war game that gets so beautifully chaotic. Just like most Battlefield games. Theres times where you and a platoon will be engaging in a small skirmish outside a base, and there’s other times where the entire army dividions will be engaged in this massive siege for a territory fortress. It’s a game with such incredible scale that I’ve never seen before. Hundreds of real players fighting for a small area with infantry, tanks, and planes has led to some of the coolest war game moments I’ve experienced with my short time trying this game out.

Where does the game lack? Graphically it isn’t the best, but if anyone is playing a multiplayer war game for graphics they are playing for the wrong reasons. The gameplay itself greatly makes up for the lack of amazing graphics that most modern gamers have become accustomed to. With all the bullets flying around, and your platoon leader yelling at you, you honestly don’t have time to appreciate the countryside of this planet…

Planetside 2 is a fantastic game to get into for any Battlefield fan. Best thing of all? It’s free to play! So throw on your flak armor, strap up your boots, and join my in this amazing sci-fi war title! See you on the ground, soldier!

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