The Console War Is Over

Do you remember back in the day the tension that would fill a conversation between an Xbox player and a PlayStation player? Like, you could meet under the greatest of circumstances, but boy if you claimed to be a player of the other console you better be ready to defend it to the brutal end. It was ridiculous looking back on it now, but then it was just apart of the culture of the time.

During the PS4, and Xbox One generation we really started to see a real drift from the age old grievances that separated gamers. We started to see an inclusion of cross-platform play, and if it wasn’t there, players would demand it. It’s become almost a necessity to provide players with this service. Not only does it bridge the gap between PlayStation and Xbox players, it increases the server population of people’s favorite games extending its overall life.

PS5 And Xbox Series Controllers

With the next generation here I would expect this trend to be taken to a new level. The way to truly reach gaming nirvana is full cross-platform play…on EVERY non-exclusive multiplayer titles. We know it can be done so it’s time to take that step. I would like to see, let’s say, the next Battlefield game be fully cross-platform with PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC. There would be hundreds of thousands of players giving developers to reason to give us straight on 100 versus 100 battles. The intensity from a game of such a scale would be just what franchise like that need to get back on track.

The culture is heading in the right direction. Some games already offer cross saves so you can pick up your progress on other consoles. Things are looking pretty good for the future of gaming, and it can only get better from here. The console war is finally coming to an end, which will spawn a true golden age. I always felt it was kinda stupid anyway. Why limit our gaming because of a preconceived notion that one is better than the other? It’s ridiculous.

Me and my wife are planning on getting the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and the next generation Nintendo Switch for our daughter. We are going full in on this generation, because we truly believe that unity is the only way to progress. That being applied to geek culture, and the culture of the world we’re currently in. I hope you all make that same pledge with us.


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