The Bad Rap: Kagome from Inuyasha

Hello all, and welcome to today’s installment of The Bad Rap at 101 Militia Gaming! After watching the first couple of episodes of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon last week, I thought it might be fitting to put our girl Kagome in the hot seat for this week’s Bad Rap!

Kagome’s magic words are “sit boy!” and poor Inuyasha just takes it like the half-man he is.

For those of you who have not watched the classic Inuyasha, Kagome is a typical high school girl in modern Japan. Her family are shrine keepers and by some strange universal fluke, she falls down into a well which sends her into Japan’s Feudal era. It is there that she meets Inuyasha, a half-demon who initially is only interested in obtaining the Sacred Jewel to become a full fledged demon. After many adventures, they eventually fall in love and the rest is literally history.

So why are we talking about Kagome today? I mean, how would any of us react if we were suddenly thrown into the past where demons are constantly attacking you? Well, I’ve always found Kagome’s personality jarring and one-dimensional. Throughout the series she has always had a thing for Inuyasha, which certainly is understandable given that they are meant to be a pair. However, her reactions to him and how she always seems to swing into some emotional episode over his supposed feelings for HER past self made liking her character a chore for me. Like most unlikeable characters, she also has desirable attributes. I enjoy her character development over the course of the series, even if that is also muddied by her insecurities over Inuyasha’s previous love life.

In all, I find Kagome unlikeable but this is necessary for the series. What do you guys think? Is Kagome insufferable or is her teenage angst just part of the fun? Let us know what you think and keep the conversation going! 👾🖤✌🎮

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