Space Hulk: Tactics Review

My obsession with Warhammer 40k continues. So, it’s no surprise that I’ve been absolutely entranced by the amazing world of 40k. It’s some of the greatest lore I’ve found myself spring into since Elder Scrolls to be honest. However, just like I’ve stated in my previous article, it’s tough getting into 40k without anyone that plays it. That’s why I’ve made it a personal quest to experience this amazing franchise through the lense of video games!

Me and a friend of mine picked up Space Hulk: Tactics for PS4 last week, and we’ve been completely hooked. It’s a video game adaption of the popular board game set in the 40k universe. Essentially, there’s these fused mass of ancient space ships called Space Hulks that appear out of the warp at random. These massive, ugly behemoths are usually infested with a type of Tyranid called the GeneStealers who use these mammoth structures to travel through the warp. It’s essential free travel for them. So when these Space Hulks emerge, and are too close to a human planet, it’s up to the Space Marines to go in and clear it out!

A Space Marine Squad In Combat

Space Hulk: Tactics gives us a true board game conversion. Very little separates this digital adaption, and its table top counter part that the game is based on. Players are placed into the roles of either the Space Marine squad leader, or the GeneStealers hordes with both attempting to complete their own set of objectives. For example: the Space Marines could be tasked with activating an important console while the GeneStealers must kill three out of five of their opponents squad. Most of the time the GeneStealers will have basic objectives of just murdering your opponent’s units, because at the end of the day you’re all just hive minded aliens! The Space Marines on the other hand will be handed out a variety of mission types. Some include simply get to extraction, kill all opponents, activate a certain console, rescue, ect. It’s actually pretty varied so it keeps you coming back for another match.

Where this title truly shines is its mission creator. Players are given the ability to construct their own missions from the ground up, and publishing them to the community. Players can design the map layout, spawn points, interior design, mission objectives, and so much more.. This is a great way for a group of 40k fans to get together and construct the massive narrative battles for those who can’t play in person. People like me…

Space Marines Surrounded By GeneStealers

The game’s short comings is its campaign mode. With a weak story, and a pinch of constant boring battles that have NO consequences of losing, it leads to a bit of an eye roller. Like, oh I’m attacked by a horde of GeneStealers in the halls. I guess it’s time to die as quickly as possible so I can actually progress the story. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but the fact that each battle takes upwards to an hour and a half to complete gives little incentive to see these small skirmishes through.

SpaceHulk: Tactics is by far one of the best 40k games on the consoles to date. If you’re looking for a strong table top feel, then look no further. This little gem gives you all the satisfaction without the $100 by in that the table top version requires. I would recommend playing with a group, but if you are a soloist, I can say that the AI is pretty intelligent.

101 Militia Gaming Rating

4 out of 5


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