My PlayStation Account Was Hacked

So, like the title suggests, my PlayStation account was hacked. It rattled me, not gonna lie. I’m not really sure what joy people get from hacking other’s accounts, but they do. It’s a shame really how some low life will go through all that trouble to hack am account just to get booted out by Sony. It did give me a bit of a scare though since I’ve never been hacked before.

I was just working on a panel for my webcomic, Bored At Work, when I got an email from Sony saying that my email had been changed. I thought that was weird, so I try to long in on the PlayStation app. Nothing. So, I go fire up my PS4, and sure enough it says I’ve signed out of PSN. I thinking this is super weird, but there had to be a logical explanation. I texted my friend to ask if he was logged out because of a new update, but he said no. Then, he asked if I was online. I wasn’t.

Now I’m freaking out. I know I’ve been hacked, I just didn’t want my fears to have any legitimacy. My friend begins messaging this guy cussing him out, and he responds with he bought my account for $5. Like really dude? You paid five bucks for an account that I’ve been working on for 10 years? That was honestly one of the most disrespectful things to come of this situation.

Oh boy, I was livid. I blamed Sony for the hack. I know it probably wasn’t their fault, but I just couldn’t believe that something like this could happen. I understand i happening to an account that hasn’t been used in a while, but not mine. An account that is used every single day, how on earth could that be a target? It blew me away.

If Sony wasn’t able to resolve the issue, I was going to be done. I was 100% prepared to take my PS4 and all my games to Gamestop, sell them, and put the money towards pre-ordering the new Xbox Series X. I was not going to waste my time with a company that can’t protect my account, and personal information. I was ready to move on, and turn to Microsoft for my exclusive gaming like the good old days, however Sony swooped in and saved the day.

When I contacted Sony support I was paired up with an awesome agent. He swooped on in and saved the day like it was nothing at all! He asked me some simple confirmation questions like what was the last two games I purchased with my account, my primary payment method, ect. In no time he sent me a request to change my password on my PSN account, and I was golden. I fired up my PS4 and logged back in, and oh my God what a relief it was.

So my message today is for all the “hackers” out there. Get a life you bunch of losers. Get out of your mom’s basement and get a job like the rest of us, and EARN those games. Don’t steal from someone else just to play a bunch of digital games. How could that possibly give you satisfaction? It’s definitely a sad world we live in that someone would do that, but I guess that’s life. There are people who love to earn things, and there’s people who want to steal that stuff. It’s a damn shame.

Anyway, protect your accounts by regularly changing your passwords! I learned that the hard way.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I work in IT security and I don’t want to hijack your post but I one million percent agree with your message – people are far too cavalier about their passwords. People often think “no one would care about my account” – there’s nothing too insignificant for someone to steal.


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