When Game Night Goes Virtual

I can’t believe it’s finally November. 2020 has felt like the year that is never going to end. Between COVID-19, the election, wildfires on the westcoast, murder wasps, etc….whewwww I don’t know about you, but I am over it. Most of all, I miss game night.

There’s nothing better than getting together with a group of your friends, enjoying some snacks and drinks, and getting lost in an immersive RPG like Dungeons and Dragons or Call of Cthulu. If you are like our group, we have done game night on video chat. This works to an extent, but I found that it’s easy for players to be distracted.

I recently heard about a few other virtual options for game night that I wanted to share. First up is Jack Box Games. Jack Box Games offers packs where you can get 4 or 5 multiplayer games to play on your phone. An easy way to do this so not everyone in the group has to pay for each pack would be to play on Zoom and to share your screen.

Another way to have virtual game night is by doing a virtual escape room! Everyone needs to check out CU Adventures in Time and Space. This is a small local business in our area that offers immersive escape room experiences. While if you are local, they are offering in person escape rooms, they have also creatively added two virtual options. The two options are The Lost Temple and Floor 13. Both of these options are $10 for unlimited players, however they recommend a maximum of 6 players.

Lastly, I wanted to recommend doing a virtual murder mystery. Night of Mystery offers a large number of virtual murder mysteries. There are different themed mysteries such as 80s, vampires, and even Christmas. Having a themed murder mystery could add an extra element of fun to the night if you have your players dress up to play on Zoom. Personally, I would love to play Murder at the Juice Joint because who doesn’t love 1920s flapper/speakeasy fashion?

How has your game night adapted during this pandemic? What other kind of ways have you had a virtual game night? Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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