Level Up Your Sock Game!

Hello again everyone! I took a couple of months off there to recharge and get a few things in order, but now I’m back and ready to bring you more fun and nerdy content!

Today, I’d like to talk to you about socks. They can be an important part of a cosplay, depending on the character, or sometimes they can just add a secret something fun to normal wear. Personally, I’m always on the lookout for fun new comfort items, and as of right now, socks are my new thing. I’ve had my eye on Sock Dreams for a while, and have been on their mailing list just so I didn’t forget they exist, but I always felt a little odd special-ordering SOCKS. Well, I finally took the plunge, looking for orange knee-highs for my Velma Halloween costume. While I was there, I got sucked into all the styles and colors and found two other pairs, one that looks like a ouija board and says “Hexes for Exes,” and their “Nevermore” pair that features books and a skull. I also found several other things I wanted, but restrained myself.

“I haven’t seen what they look like in real life yet” I reasoned. “I may not like how they fit, or the material could be weird.”

They came quicker than anticipated, with a handwritten “Thank You” on the receipt, in compostable packaging, which was all a good sign right off the bat. I already knew they did frequent donation partnerships to raise money for various non-profits. That, paired with their large selection of Pride & LGBTQ+ socks and the fact that they actually used plus-sized models for their plus-sized socks, had left a good impression, and I was eager to finally try what I’d ordered.

I loved them immediately. The color of the orange pair was true to the image and perfect for my costume, and the Nevermore pair was so soft. Better than all that, both fit as expected, which is a rare delight for a plus-sized woman ordering clothes online.

(For reference’s sake I’m 5’4”, my mid-calf measurement is 19” and my mid-thigh measurement is 28”)

The Hexes pair did pull a little oddly around the top of the left sock, but with so much stitching around the moon, I’m not sure that could be avoided, and they’re so cute, I love them anyway.

The next night both I and my sister (won over by my amazing new threads) ordered more socks. (Pro-tip: make an account and get those loyalty points!! After just my first order, I had enough points for five dollars off my second order. That is SUBSTANTIAL considering the socks aren’t that expensive to begin with. Or expensive at all, really.)

Now here’s what I’m really excited to share with you: they have a whole collection for Nerdy & Geeky socks. They have ALOT of collections, including Witchy, Vintage, Artistic, and Warm Weather Styles, but the nerdy one is the one I perused for this order.

To my absolute delight they have “Sorcerer Socks” AND matching arm warmers in the house colors of Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff. I’m Ravenclaw through and through, so I got a matching set of both the warmers and socks along with a pair of Americana Thigh Highs.

This time the package included a sticker and a magnet with their logo on it. As for the socks themselves: the colors, again, are perfect, and the warmers are so much fun to wear. Both of the thigh highs do roll down on me, but that’s just physics. I’m going to order some sock garters and hopefully that will help. Honestly, I should have just gotten them in the first place.

When they ARE up though, they fit well, and they’re super cute. I’m excited to incorporate them into future outfits, and happy to have found a reliable purveyor of fine socks that I can feel good supporting. So if you need socks for cosplay, comfort, or just fun, I can heartily recommend Sock Dreams.

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