Halloween Horrors: My favorite horror genre

Happy Halloween! It’s one of my favorite holidays, although as we get older, it seems that the magic of Halloween is not what it used to be. Whether you are taking your kids trick or treating, carving pumpkin, or handing out candy, I hope you have a safe and fun holiday. As for me, I will be inside watching spooky movies.

I’ve saved my favorite genre of horror for last, because I think it is the most underrated but often the most brilliant genre: found footage. I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, it is the most immersive experience of horror.

If you are a follower of my posts, you kmow that I am a huge fan of the Blackwell Ghosts. While I probably could write another whole article about the brilliance of these films, I want to highlight a few others that I think are often looked over.

Creep and Creep 2 are both on Netflix right now. They follow “Josef” and his escapades of being a serial killer. The writers did a great job with these movies because as the viewer, you’re sitting there kind of liking the killer, which is just fun.

The Hell House LLC series starts with following a group of people creating a haunted house. Things quickly start taking a turn for the worse. The two other installments in this series are so creepy. I really hope they make a 4th, although after watching the 3rd, I’m not sure how they could. These films are so good, just writing about them makes me want to watch them again.

The last one I will leave you with is a movie I am not sure I could watch again. Unfriended: Dark Web allows the viewer to watch as if watching from a computer screen. While this one is a little different than the traditional found footage style, it left me feeling sick, uncomfortable, and wanting to put tape on the camera on my phone and to delete all social media.

Well, those are my top found footage picks. I’m hoping maybe this Halloween I can find a new one to love. Do you like found footage horror? What is your favorite? Let me know so I can watch it. Stay spooky and safe and don’t forget to vote! 👻 😱


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