Deathwing, A Brutal Personal Taste Of The Grim Dark Future

Recently I have been absolutely obsessing with Warhammer 40k. I’ve found myself spiraling down a rabbit hole of lore that is more extensive than any fandom I’ve ever seen. Like seriously. There is SO MUCH. I mean just reading the back story of the Emporer of Man seriously had me digging up more and more that lead to so many interesting pieces of lore that is hidden under the mainstream that most look to.

Warhammer 40k has always been something I’ve wanted to delve into. However, like most 40k gamers, I never had anyone to play with so I’ve always been hesitant to hop into the hobby. Growing up seeing those awesome space marines, with no reason to buy them was honestly torture to the point where I just disregarded the franchise entirely. It sucks thinking back on that, but I never saw the point of getting into a social hobby that I just couldn’t fulfill. Getting started in Warhammer 40k is quite expensive with the rule books, codexes, and the minatures themselves, so I just couldn’t justify the initial start up for something I’d be doing alone.


So, I’m a gamer. I know, big surprise. After giving up on the 40k franchise I started noticing more and more video games set in that universe releasing. However there was one specifically that caught my eye. Spacehulk Deathwing. Traditionally, 40k games by nature fall into the strategy genre. I mean the universe was created with the table top minatures game after all. However, Deathwing is set completely in first-person. That’s what drew my eyes to this title. Very rarely do we get to see combat through the eye of a single space marine, and this gave me the opportunity to do so.

Deathwing follows the traditional space hulk formula with a squad of space marines raiding an ancient star ship infested with the Xenomorph looking aliens called the Gene Stealers. Your squad goes in to recover ancient grimoires, tech, and maybe even destroy the ancient vessel all together! Can’t have those Gene Stealer abominations using the warp to infest other planets after all.

Deathwing is an amazing start for anyone trying to get into the video game side of 40k. It feels so much more personal than commanding a large army like those found on the table top, or ever Dawn Of War on the PC. Being able to actually wear the terminator armor and walk the halls of the SpaceHulk is so satisfying. You really get the chance to appreciate the futuristic gothic architecture that the sets the franchise apart from any other in the science fiction genre. I feel like you can’t actually take that sort of thing in unless you’re in a first person point of view. Or, maybe I’m weird and the only one who appreciates that kinda thing.

A squad moving through a SpaceHulk in Deathwing.

If anyone is looking to delve into the amazing, incredibly interesting world of 40k I couldn’t reccomend Deathwing more. It has deep lore, brutal Left 4 Dead style combat, and a random mission mode to keep the thrills never ending. If you are ever in the neighborhood to get into this legendary franchise this is a great first step. Enjoy the feeling of wearing that armor, feel the kick of your stork bolted, and wipe the Gene Stealer blood from your helmet. It gets messy very quickly.


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