What To Do When Competition Fatigue Sets In

There’s been a major shift in gaming culture. Once we were so excited to get new narrative experiences that send us on the whirlwindadventures. Now the only thing that matters is how high your K.D.R (Kill Death Ratio) is. It’s sad, because gaming has turned from an artistic experience into a sporting event. I’m not by any means trashing Esports, I truly believe it’s brought gaming into the mainstream. However, there comes a time where we all just get burned out on the constant competing every single night. I am experiencing this now, and here’s some of the things that helps me get through extreme competition fatigue.

Return To Your Roots

There’s nothing better than returning to what made you fall in love with the hobby to begin with. For me it was something with strong gameplay that focused heavily on replayability, and the ability to create my own narrative. This is still important to me with today’s gaming. Yeah, I like a good story driven experience, but the ability to make my own stories through gameplay alone is what truly makes a game special to me. For example: in Minecraft, me and my pal would make these amazing cities filled with an extensive society of trade and culture. The struggles we went through to create this was full of set backs from creeper attacks, to exploration expeditions that led us to untimely ends. So many cool items lost…

With the way to culture is changing, it’s very easy to lose sight of what drew you to gaming in the first place. Now, I’m not saying shut new experiences out, but allow yourself the time to have those moments that gave you such joy. They will still be as special as they once were, trust me.

Landscape In Minecraft

Play A Strong Narrative

The best way to break that competition fatigue is to immerse yourself in something that delivers a strong narrative. Getting wrapped up in a good story will not only help you with competition fatigue, but give you this amazing story that will have you thinking about it as you go about your daily life. In many ways, strong narratives are the exact opposite of competitive games. Instead of focusing so much on person performance, it allows you to screw up and not feel stupid. It allows you to step outside of yourself, and engage with situations that only matter to you, not your teammates.

So many amazing narrative experiences have gone unnoticed this generation because of the shift in gaming culture. I mean have you ever heard of a little game called Warsaw? It’s a narrative driven RPG-Strategy game set in the German occupation of Warsaw in 1944. The artistic direction the developers chose with it is absolutely breath taking. Think about giving it a try if you’re in a slump.

Warsaw on PS4

With the current culture in gaming leaning hard to being a competitive platform, it has led to alot of us just throwing our hands up. Well listen, it’s okay to take a step back. Don’t let other people, or whats popular dictate the hobby. This is YOUR hobby. Do what you want to do! If you need a break, take a break! Embrace what made gaming special to you, and if it was being competitive then try something new! Who knoe, you might like it better. Let’s remember that this is something we love doing. Let’s try to keep it that way.

Be kind to each other, and respect each other. Let’s make geek culture a place that’s welcoming to all.

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