A New Dawn Of Strategy Games On Consoles

I have always been a huge fan of strategy games. Growing up, I would watch my dad play the likes of Civilization, Command and Conquer, Sudden Strike, Age of Empires, and even the great Tropico. However, as time went on I would find myself gravitating more towards gaming consoles than PC’s. If you’re a strategy enthusiast then you know decent strategy games on consoles are far and few between.

A new era is upon us now. More heavy hitter strategy games that used to dominate the PC world have found their way on to the cows sole scene. With the releases of Civilization 6, Age of Wonders: Planet Fall, and Port Royale 4 strategy game have never been so accessible to console players as they are now. I have been waiting many years for the technology of console gaming to catch up to their PC big brothers, and now that time has finally come!

Port Royale 4 On PlayStation 4

Strategy games on the consoles is nothing new though. We’ve had several incarnations of various titles show up, but they were always watered down in some capacity. I remember when Civilization Revolution released for the Xbox 360 back in the day. Boy were me and my dad excited. Even though it was a EXTREMELY watered down version, we would link up every weekend and play. It was truly a step in the right direction.

Now we are seeing direct ports from the PC to consoles. Like, I’ve seen gameplay of the PC version, it’s the exact same. Not a thing different. This is a moment in gaming I’ve been waiting on since I was a kid. Consoles have finally caught up to PC’s. The whole “Master Race” debate is over, because as technology become better, we’ll see those small indie companies finding a home on PlayStation Store instead of Steam. I truly believe the next generation of consoles will dethrone PC gaming for good.

It’s amazing how far consoles have come. We went from strategy games being virtually nonexistent to direct PC ports on the PlayStation 4. For now we only have major 4x strategy games, but I’m confident that in the next five years we’ll be seeing even the most complex real time strategy franchises finding their way on consoles. Looking at you Age Of Empires. Time will only tell, and time will only improve technology. Until then, we are loaded with some of the best strategy franchise to find their way on consoles. Enjoy these times strategy fans!

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