My Favorite Ghost Story

Horror is easily my favorite movie genre, but to be honest, it really takes a lot to scare me these days. Whether it be from desensitization or just that things aren’t that scary, it’s hard to find a movie that really leaves me feeling unsettled.

From someone who has seen almost every horror movie out there, do yourself a favor and check out The Blackwell Ghost series. Available on Amazon, The Blackwell Ghost is shot from the perspective of filmmaker, Turner, who is tired of making his usual zombie horror films and wants to make something real. He hears the story of the Blackwell Ghost and wants to create a movie about it. The film has some really chilling footage that genuinely leaves you thinking, wait, is this real?

The series continues in The Blackwell Ghost 2. In the film we find out more dark and disturbing information about the Blackwell Ghost. The second film is just as chilling as the first.

The Blackwell Ghost 3 and 4 offer a new ghost story. Our same filmmaker takes us down to the home of a serial killer in Florida where he sets up cameras and reveals to us the footage he finds there. Both films left me with moments where I found myself holding my breath and putting my hands up over my eyes. It’s a slow burn of dread and I love it.

Recently, The Blackwell Ghost 5 was just released on Amazon. While I haven’t been able to watch it yet, here is what I am expecting. I am hoping that this film, along with the other 4, that there are no jump scares. One thing that drives me crazy about modern horror films is that the only thing scary about them is the jump scares.

I am hoping that the Blackwell Ghost 5 picks up where 4 left off. There was some very crazy footage in 4 that left me with goosebumps so I hope 5 follows suit and gives us all that extra chill that I love during spooky season.

Have you seen any of the Blackwell Ghost films? What’s your favorite ghost story? I can’t wait to dive into this new one! Stay spooky đź‘»

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