The Forest: One Of The Best Survival Games On PS4

Survival crafting games have steadily found their way into the mainstream gaming culture ever since the overwhelming success of the great Minecraft. Many have risen up from the shadows of Minecraft, and many have fallen. Being a pretty big fan of survival games, I’m usually always on the lookout for new variations to quench my thirst for that specific experience. None other has gotten my attention but The Forest.

This terrifying experience drops players into an uncharted island after their plane was mysterious taken down. The player’s son is kidnapped by a strange man painted in red forcing you to uncover the mystery of the island’s mysterious past. Right out of the gate the game holds nothing back. Immediately you’re attacked by the island’s indigenous inhabitants. A population of cannibalistic natives begin harassing you as you try to build yourself a shelter to protect yourself from the elements. And they come hard…

The game is absolutely brutal. When one of the cannibals find you, they all find you. You might be out there chopping down some trees, excited to build your new cabin when it happens. You hear them hollering off in the distance, then you quickly turn to see 15 hungry cannibals in a full sprint. It actually was pretty creepy seeing them ball-hawk you down from a distance. The AI is no joke either. They will actually use strategy to take you down. A group will stand in front of you while theee of his buddies flank you from the sides! It gets messy real fast if you don’t have good situational awareness.

The Forest

Beyond combat, The Forest excels at so much more. The exploration of the world’s dark caves are incredibly satisfying. It’s cramped, tight, and filled with the corpses of your fellow plane passengers. It’s a pretty grotesque sight, but it reminds you that you aren’t on a luxury island. You are in an island hell scape fighting for your life ever second.

The atmosphere is absolutely perfect for my taste. I love the dark and gritty side of life, and this satisfies it perfectly. Seeing the beautiful sunset the graphics give you is just the calm before the storm which awaits you. During the night, the hordes come. Waves and waves of cannibals decend upon your little base, and without proper defenses you’re absolutely done for. It’s some of the most intense gameplay I’ve had the honor of experiencing in a survival game.

The Forest is a fantastic survival game, but an even better horror game. It presents challenges and experiences that no other survival title can give you at this time. If you’re into horror and fighting for your life, definitely don’t sleep on this beautiful piece of work. It’s 100% worth it.

Have you played The Forest? If so, let us know your experiences in the comments below! As always, be kind to each other, and let’s preach love instead of hate.

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