The Bad Rap: Alois from Kuroshitsuji

Welcome back! Today’s installment of The Bad Rap is brought to you by good ol’ Kuroshitsuji (A.K.A. Black Butler) and the infamously terrible Black Butler II. Why season 2 of the otherwise amazing anime is garbage is good enough to accomodate an entire post itself, but that ain’t why you’re here today. No, today we are talking about characters that we just love to hate, which is why we’re discussing none other than our favorite Victorian-era foul-mouthed slut: Alois Trancy.

Okay, I’m just going to come right out and say it… I love Alois. While I despised what Black Butler II tried (and utterly failed) to do, I wholeheartedly enjoyed how controversial and layered Alois was as a character. Here’s a little background for those of you who were smart enough to steer clear from this season: Earl Alois Trancy is the central young master with his own demon butler named Claude Faustus, mirroring our beloved Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis. Alois is clearly not only psychotic but essentially a sociopath, not to mention a pathological liar on top of it all. While watching this series it is not difficult to find yourself hating our boy. I mean, he decided in the first damn episode that an appropriate punishment for his maid is to dig his finger into her eye socket. Yeah, the dude’s definitely mental.

Alois has his Faustian contract seal located on his tongue… which is pretty fitting for his character, honestly.

I think the reason I really enjoy Alois as a character is just how layered he is. From initial perspective he is silly, sadistic, naive, and downright childish. All characteristics that completely oppose Ciel. From the moment we meet him in the first episode of the season, viewers are compelled to compare the two, which I am certain the creators of this particular season fully intended in order to make the later episodes more jarring. However, as we go on and we start to witness more into what makes Alois Jim Macken tick, we learn that his climb into this position was horrifically tragic. Y’all. He was an abused orphan forced to care for his little brother alone, surviving from thieving. A strange event soon swept through and killed not only the villagers of his home but his little brother, and Jim was taken away to be used in human trafficking. Yeah, it gets ugly and it gets disturbing. From the very beginning of the season we get a glimpse into this horrendous reality. By the time we meet Alois he is fourteen years old and he had already lived what seems like a lifetime of pain and suffering.

So while he comes across as bratty and insufferably annoying, I actually appreciate how developed his backstory is and just how gritty the creators made him to be. While I can’t say I enjoyed the rest of the season (ESPECIALLY THAT TRASH ENDING) I am glad that I watched if only to discover Alois and learn about his story.

What did YOU think about Alois Trancy/Jim Macken? Did you find him insufferable or do you share my opinion? Let us know what you think!

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