Why Is Geek Culture So Toxic?

The geek culture community has always been an inviting place for me to come and discuss my thoughts on several of my favorite fandoms. You would think you’d be able to network with fellow lovers of your of your favorite franchises, and have a healthy discussion. Right? WRONG. Geek culture is full of some of the most toxic communities in all of fandom. Sports lovers honestly don’t compare to the amount of hate some people have with several geek franchises. One of the worst offenders is the Star Trek fan base.

I was raised to be a Star Trek fan from the very beginning. I vividly remember me and my dad building a replica model of the U.S.S. Enterprise. When I got a little older, and we finally got internet, I was introduced to the pure toxic savagery of the Star Trek fan based. People calling each other names because they favor one series over another, banning people because they thought the original Enterprise was better than the D class model, and online hazing because someone thought Voyager wasn’t that bad…AKA me. It was traumatizing as a 12 year old trekie being told his mom was going to get raped because I thought Captain Janeway was as calm under pressure as Picard.

True story by the way.

Two Star Wars Fans Debating. Circa 2020.

Do you want to know what’s worse than a trekie? A Star Wars fan. My God are they toxic. Anything slightly straying from the original trilogy is grounds to be crucified. It’s a vicious cycle honestly. The original fans hate the prequels, the prequel fans hate the new trilogy, and the new trilogy hates themselves. It’s actually quiet funny to see how angry people get. Instead of being happy with getting new content in the franchise they love, most Star Wars fans just tear each other down. I’m not really sure why that is yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to share…

It doesn’t end with the trekies or Jedi though. Have you ever had to audacity to tell an anime fan that Saitama (One Punch Man) is stronger than Goku (Dragonball)? If you want to see a good freak out than do it. You won’t be disappointed. No matter what anime you’re talking about it always leads to the same conclusion: this anime is better than that one for some personal reason. That’s cool and all, but trashing on someone else’s fandom cause you have a personal attachment to a particular character isn’t cool. We all love anime, can’t we just enjoy it together?

Now to video games. Oh boy is this the worst of the worst that geek culture has to offer. If any one my age remembers the level of disrespect that came from a Modern Warfare 2 lobby then your nerves must be hard as steel. It was absolute chaos in those Xbox 360 lobbies. You could have up to three different shouting matches going on at one time, saying each other sucks, and how many times someone’s “banged your mom”. It was such a toxic community, but honestly it was quiet funny. Hearing grown men trash each other about having a low kill-death-ratio was hilarious. It was an abusive community that was very unwelcoming to new players. It even turned me off to multiplayer Call of Duty for quiet some time.

Modern Warfare 2 Chat Lobby. Where Toxicity Was Truly Dominant.

Beyond the old days of golden first person shooters, one of the most toxic games is the hero MOBA Smite. Me and my group was actually pretty excited to give this a try. I haven’t really given a MOBA much though because it honestly looked too confusing to me. So when we downloaded this I was eager to experience to intense competition these games are known for. Boy did I make a mistake. Within my first few matches after training I was with a team who kept yelling at me to gank. Now, do you know what the hell a gank is? Yeah, neither do I. The exchange got so heated this guys were calling me a stupid scrub, low IQ loser, and a handful of other profanities that I don’t want present here on my website. It got so bad that they actually reported me for not understanding what a gank is. It was at that moment I swiftly deleted that and returned to Hunt Showdown, and haven’t looked back.

Geek culture is an amazing community where all walks of life can come together for a mutual interest. Now, this article doesn’t represent all of geek culture. Me and my friends have long since debated the betterments of one famdom over another, but do we think the other is stupid for it? No we don’t. I couldn’t tell you where the toxicity developed from, but what I do know is that it needs to stop. If someone likes the new Star Wars films then let them. Let’s bring geek culture back to having fun instead of being a battle ground. Life already beats us down enough, do you honestly what your hobbies to as well? I sure don’t. Let’s just be respectful, and have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

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