Three Short Anime Series to Binge This Fall

It’s September! Which means it’s officially Hallowe- *ahem* I mean fall! This fall more than any other is probably going to involve curling up with a pumpkin spice latte and watching scary movies or binging new shows. So this week I bring to you a few of my favorite bingeable anime series. I’ve watched each of these multiple times, and I will watch them again. I cannot be stopped. Join me?


If your favorite part of fall is: Scary Movies! Bring on the Horror!


Watch time: 12 episodes. 24 minutes each.
Watch place: Crunchyroll

As I’ve mentioned before, my family loves horror. Anime not so much. Even so, it’s now a tradition between me and my sister that we watch this show around Halloween. My mom even loved it. What I’m saying is that this show is so good at what it does vis-a-vis horror that it draws in even those hesitant about trying anime.

Another is a part ghost-story part mystery about a cursed class and the dangers of connecting with the dead. The atmosphere is perfect for a dark room and a thick blanket. The wire-tight tension draws you on the edge of your seat, then snaps loose so suddenly it’ll leave you reeling. The music’s killer too. The opening (Nightmare Contagion by Kyoumu Densen) gives me chills every time I hear it.

This show can be confusing at first, but hang in there. And try to pay attention to the details.


If your favorite part of fall is: Uuuhhhh… cuddling with someone inside? I like fireplaces and pumpkin spice?

Ouran High School Host Club

Watch time: 26 episodes. About 23 minutes each.
Watch place: Netflix

This show may not immediately pop to mind when thinking of fall shows, and that’s exactly why I’ve included it in the list. So you’re not a fan of ALL things fall, I get it. Tired of the brown and reds? The decaying leaves beneath your feet? The chill in the air? Personally, I love fall, but I can see how it could get you down.

That’s why I recommend the bright pinks and purples of this show to pull you out of that fall funk. OHSHS is a rom-com, reverse harem anime about Haruhi Fujioka, a new student at high-class high school who is quickly pulled in over their head as they’re unwillingly recruited into the host club. It’s funny and extremely cute, and there /is/ one Halloween episode that qualifies it for this list, giving you the fun of the spooky holiday without the tension of a horror or the dreariness of autumn.

In my opinion, OHSHS is always an appropriate binge watch.


If your favorite part of fall is: Haunted Houses! Obviously.

Ghost Hunt

Watch time: 25 episodes. About 20 minutes each.
Watch place: Funimation

I will always fall for a good old-fashioned ghost story. Haunted houses and flashlights and investigations and spiritual experts who know their shit are my jam. Combine technology and the supernatural. Do it. Make my day. I’ll eat it up every damn time.

This is one of the first animes I ever watched, so it’s possible my review of it is tinted by nostalgia, but god this anime is so much fun. Perfect for popcorn and a couple of friends.


If your favorite part of fall is: The Atmosphere! The colors and the wind. The pumpkins and the scares. Just all of it!

Over the Garden Wall

Watch time: 10 episodes. 11 minutes each.
Watch place: Hulu

This straight up isn’t even an anime, so it’s cheating a little bit. However, I couldn’t write about shows to watch in the fall without including it. It’s the quintessential fall show. It’s the colors. It’s the music. Everything about is autumnal perfection.

Two kids trying to find their way home in a forest that may not be all it seems is the perfect curled-under-the-covers binge watch for a stormy fall evening. It’s short enough to make your way through in an evening, too, if you have a couple of free hours and a snack (or three). If you just can’t seem to get into the spirit this fall, maybe this show can kick-start your love of the season.

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