Xbox Exclusives We Wish Were On PlayStation

It’s no secret that we here at 101 Militia Gaming are strictly PlayStation gamers…well, I guess we like Nintendo too, but that’s a discussion for a different day. Even though we are fully committed to Sony’s masterpiece consoles, there are definitely some titles across the pond at Microsoft that have caught our eye. These are the top Xbox exclusives we wish were on PlayStation.

Ryse: Son Of Rome

Ryse: Son Of Rome

Ryse: Son Of Rome was a release title for the Xbox One way back in 2013. As soon as I saw its epic trailer I’m not going to lie…I was a little jealous. The gameplay trailer was a great way to show what the next generation Xbox could do, and boy was it impressive. You play as Marius, a Roman soldier leading the defense of Rome from the Celtic invasion. What’s cooler than that for any history buff?

When I saw the sword play I was immediately mesmerized. Being a big history nerd I have always wanted a decent action adventure game set in ancient Rome. I got my wish, however, it seems that Jupiter did not favor me for it was made an Xbox exclusive. I’m still a little salty that I will never be able to play this, but that’s why this list exists. Ryse will always be a game I wish was on PlayStation for this generation. Come on Crytek, get it together guys.

Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct

ULTRAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Is what I wish I was hearing coming from my PS4. Who didn’t play Killer Instinct back in the day on the N64? Everyone did. It was the most intense fighting games out at the time, and when I saw they were rebooting it I nearly had a heart attack. There was one small problem though. It was an Xbox One exclusive. Now, this one really broke my heart, because this has strong nostalgic value to me.

Bring developed by a hand full of teams closely associated with Microsoft, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever see it come to a PlayStation console. It’s sad really, the competitive fighting game community is strongest on PlayStation. Oh well, I can always hope to team up with Sabrewulf one day in the future. Until then I’ll just yell it when my wife isn’t home. ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves

Now this is a disappointing entry on this list. I know the development company Rare has been owned by Xbox Game Studios since 2002, but come on. An open world Pirate adventure game? Sign me up. I absolutely LOVE pirate games. I remember the old Sid Meier’s Pirates way back in the day that reslly sparked the interest in me. Sea Of Thieves takes that to a new level by adding a multiplayer mode where you and your friends crew a ship. That’s literally my nerdy dreams come true

Of course, like all great games on this list, it’s an Xbox One exclusive. So no fun plundering, skeleton killing, cannon firing for me. It’s a shame, because there isn’t an experience quiet like it on the PlayStation besides Assassin’s Creed Blackflag. Even though that’s a fantastic game in it’s own right, it doesn’t have a multiplayer worth talking about. Hopefully one day we see something similar make it’s way to the PS4 or PS5, but until then I guess I’m stuck just watching Twitch videos of people having nautical fun.

Gears Of War

Gears Of War

Arguably the best franchise Microsoft has to offer. I remember back in the good old days of the Xbox 360, there was simply no competitor. Gears Of War constantly pushed the limits of what the 360 could handle. Not only was the gameplay the best the third person shooter genre had to offer, it offered one of the grestest stories seen to that time. Following Marcus Fenix and his band of loyal soldiers through dark, gritty war to struggling to survive in the apocalypse was some of the best storytelling I had ever seen in a shooter.

The memories I have playing with my dad in this game will forever be cherished. We’d plan an all day gaming session either taking on the intense story, or holding out against endless waves of Locust hordes. We would start at 10 A.M. and that Xbox wouldn’t get a break until at least 8 P.M. Maybe it’s just nostalgia talking, but for me personally Gears Of War will always be my most desired game to have a PlayStation port. I hope that happens, because if I can give my daughter the same memories my dad gave me playing video games, I would be 100% satisfied with my life.

What’s some Xbox exclusives you would like to see ported to the PlayStation? Let us know in the comments below! As always, be sure to love each other, because our neighbors are all we have in these tough times.

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