Bi-Weekly Book Club: The Last Wish (Part Four)

Welcome to the final meeting of the first book in our bi-weekly book club! We just finished the last two chapters of The Last Wish, reading the title story “The Last Wish” and finishing off the frame story “The Voice of Reason”. If you’d like to catch up, do so here, or just wait for the next book! I’ve had a lot of fun with this and I’d like to continue. Until then, let’s wrap up our discussion:

  • Which short story did you like best?
  • How did the themes tie up?
  • What did you think of the ending?
  • Are you going to read the next book in the series?
  • One more favorite passage, because I always have one I want to call attention to.


Which short story did you like best?

My favorite short story is still “The Witcher,” all the way from chapter one. There’s just no beating the fight with the striga, and Geralt is at his “I prefer to look after others” best. He’s putting it all on the line to make sure this cursed girl gets a chance at the life someone decided to take from her.

How did the themes tie up?

No war was shown explicitly in The Last Wish but we sure did get a hell of a preview into what future stories hold with that vision of Iola’s. Geralt reveals that he’s seen that violent vision before, which helps put together a few pieces of his character. If he’s aware that this is what awaits him in the future, and he doesn’t know how to avoid it, or believes that he can’t, then his aversion to choosing any path that could lead there, when presented with a choice, certainly makes sense.

I was incorrect in my prediction that Geralt would have to face the fact that he has a destiny by the end of the book. Instead it was revealed that he’s always known, has always been forced to face it through these visions. In fact I would wager that his determination to not have a trance wasn’t to avoid seeing what his fate was, but instead to save Iola the fate of seeing it.

What did you think of the ending?

It was frustrating as all hell, but pretty close to what I expected considering there are several more books in the series. I’m certainly glad that the knights didn’t end up burning down the temple, and the final fight (if it could honestly be called that) between Geralt and Tailles was delightful. I hope that it’s a bit of foreshadowing too, that when faced with no choice, Geralt will use loopholes to find a way out.

Are you going to read the next book in the series?

Oh absolutely. I can’t just leave the story there, especially since there’s a season two of the Netflix series on the way. Now that I’ve started the books, I’ll probably want to read the next book or two before watching the season.

One more favorite passage, because I always have one I want to call attention to.

Yet again, my favorite passage is one that made me laugh.

The idea of fantasy insurance is extraordinarily funny to me. It’s such a human moment, watching something you’ve put so much work into burn to the ground and “Welp, at least it’s insured! And against supernatural events, to boot!”


Thank you so much for tagging along on this ride through such a fun and witty collection of short stories. I would like to do this again soon, but as I don’t have another book picked out yet, I can’t promise it will be in two weeks time. Still, keep an eye out for our next meeting! And feel free to leave a comment with book suggestions!


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