My Room is Full of Corpses

I’m moving at the moment, so this may be short and (bitter)sweet, but it’s something that’s been running through my mind. My room is full of corpses, and I bet that yours is too. I’ve gone through all my things, I’ve picked apart my room, and I’ve found them back in drawers, all tucked away.

Half done projects, yarn unraveling, sketches folded and forgotten, podcast notes made late into the night. My sister and I were going to write it. We were excited for a week, then never looked at it again.

A video game, played to frustration. I don’t know how it ends, but I know I’d be lost if I started where I left, and if I tried to start it over I’d be bored.

A comic book series (I never bought the last issue).

A list of “Shows I Want to See,” now I don’t remember why.

Several dozen unread novels.

And one ripped up character sheet.

Nerdy culture draws creatives. Anime, fantasy, comics, and games. Sci-fi, and role play, and more. At their core they’re stories, they’re art. And stop me if I’m wrong (I don’t think that I am) but most of us, we want to try it all.

This culture’s interactive, it’s engaging. It’s cosplay and fanfiction and AMVs and homebrew campaigns and that novel, that screenplay you’ve always wanted to finish, tab forever open on your laptop so you’re never far away. And there’s so many things do, and even more to see, and some of it falls to the background.

These are the things we choose to spend our time on, our life on. They’re our hobbies and our distractions and our joy. And they are important. Not just important to us. Important full stop. These stories, this art, these expressions of creative energy are not silly. When you come across one of these unfinished stories, these corpses, it is okay to mourn them. It is okay to love them. You’ll hear plenty of people tell you it’s okay to let them go.

And that’s true. If you’re ready to part with these things, just know that the time you sunk into them wasn’t wasted. Creation is never wasted, even if you were the only one to ever see its half-formed shape. Enjoyment of a story is never wasted, even if you no longer care to know the end. You are changed since you last saw these things, do not force yourself to finish what is no longer for you.

However, I’m also going to tell you that it’s okay to keep them. You are not hanging on to the past or cluttering your life if you fill it with things that once brought you joy. I’ve returned to hobbies and finished years-forgotten books and restarted games more times than I can count. You can lug something along in move after move, box after box, throw it up into attics and closets and cabinet-tops. If you think you may one day return to it, the joy that day will bring you will always mean more that the physical space it took up in your life.

So keep your corpses, I’m keeping mine. Tomorrow is always a different time, and maybe one day we’ll resurrect them.

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