Six Anime to Start the Kids Off Right

I think we have all marvelled at least once about how varied anime has become over the years. There is literally an anime for just about every person! But when it comes to young kids experiencing anime for the first time, it is always a good idea to do a little research into what kinds are appropriate for young audiences. We all know that some anime is definitely not suitable for kids. Therefore, I’ve compromised a list of six classic anime starters that will give your tiny otaku a firm foundation.


Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is a classic and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. This is the tale of a young girl who happens to discover that she is the destined Sailor Moon. With the help of her friends, she manages to fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight.



Hamtaro follows a tiny hamster in his daily adventures! This one is definitely a good starter for younger elementary school kids as Hamtaro and his animal friends get into all sorts of trouble



Card Captor Sakura

In the same vein of Sailor Moon, this one is also a magical girl anime. Sakura is younger in this anime so it would be perfect for elementary school aged littles. This one also has great lessons and storylines.


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Yeah, yeah, yeah – a lot of folks do not agree that this one qualifies as an anime because it was produced in America. But this certainly fits the bill in my book and I highly recommend A:TLA for elementary up to, well… adulthood and beyond!



To this day I listen to the Pokemon intro theme when I need some serious motivation! This is a great anime for kids that will teach them about the power of teamwork!



This is a neat slice of life that follows a group of teens as they navigate life in school and playing in a girl band. The music ain’t bad and the storylines are cute. I recommend this one for middle schoolers since there is some language and a few suggestive scenes.

There we have it! I know there are tons that we can add to this list, so comment some of your favorite beginner animes below! ✌

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