The Bad Rap: Yuta from Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions

You know what time it is – time for yet another installment of The Bad Rap! This time we are talking about one of our favorite flip-flopping anime boys that we just love to hate. That’s right, Yuta from Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions.

Before we begin, I already know I have folks asking the million dollar question: what is a chunibyo? Well, I took the liberty of giving you a nice definition so we can move on.

Chunibyo: this is a Japanese term that roughly translates to middle school syndrome. This is most easily described as tweens or young teens that are so desperate to stand out from the sea of others that they pretend that they have special abilities or physical features, often becoming so engrossed in the fantasy that they end up convincing themselves that it is true.

That is the central plot of this anime. We are dealing with first year high school students who are essentially starting a fresh life at a brand new school. Then we follow Yuta Togashi, a former chunibyo who is embarrassed by his past fantasies and he works hard to come across as normal. In middle school he was known as the Dark Flame Master and honestly had much more personality during those short bursts than he does in the majority of the show.


Yuta reliving his glory days as the Dark Flame Master

I think the reason a lot of people hate on Yuta is his indecisiveness. One moment he is thoroughly embarrassed about his past, the next he is totally in chunibyo mode and acting out his delusions, and then what seems to be seconds later he is scolding his love interest turned girlfriend, Rikka, about her own delusions of grandeur. And you know what? I completely agree – he comes across as your typical hypocritical protagonist who has no idea what he wants, and only decides on anything after he hurts those around him. Take this stellar example, if you will.


Yuta and Rikka took some amazing selfies together in full blown chunibyo mode while getting ready for a school event. Moments later, he has a sudden change of heart and believes that by encouraging Rikka to continue living out her fantasies that she is not dealing with her father’s death in an acceptable, healthy way. So he tells her *moments after taking selfies and acting out their fantasies* that she needs to grow up and stop being a chunibyo. So what happens? Rikka listened to him and gave up the one thing that not only built her identity but eased her trauma from losing her father. She became cold and detached. She became what she perceived to be as normal and boxed up all of her toys and props. And the end result was her leaving to stay with family on the other side of town. Oh, but Yuta didn’t like this because that meant she broke her promise of coming back to him. So what does our boy do? He goes to her and tells her to accept her chunibyo ways with him! Because now it is suddenly acceptable because it benefits him.


Gotta admit, though… this line really was smooth as hell 🤷

Look, I get the build up that Yuta is struggling with his past identity as well and Rikka’s fantasies only brought back that identity with a vengeance. But after watching the first and second season I can’t help but notice just how manipulative this kid is to just about everyone he interacts with. And for that, Yuta definitely deserves his bad rap.

Tell us what YOU think. Did Yuta come across differently to you? Comment below and keep the conversation going! ✌


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