Best Geek Shops Around Champaign, IL

101 Militia Gaming is based in the University city of Champaign, IL. Not only is it the home of the 101, it’s the home of some of the coolest geek stores in the midwest! If you’re in the market to blow your money at some of the coolest, small businesses, look no further. Check out some of these great awesome shops!

Gopher Mafia Games

Gopher Mafia Games

The premier place to get all your Warhammer 40k equipment in this part of Illinois. Not only do they have a sweet selection of 40k minatures and terrain, they offer a painting service for it as well. There is nothing worse than painting a new army. Nothing.

They run several RPG nights including Dungeons and Dragons which makes them a great stop if your regular DM cancels. They run Magic The Gathering Fridays and Saturdays nights so pull out those decks and tap some mana!

Titan Games

Titan Games

The best place for board gaming and Magic The Gathering here in town. Titan Games really caught my eye with two giant walls packed full of the newest board games on the market. The store staff is so helpful to the local gamer community. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, they will always ask if you’d like them to order it just for you. It is a nice piece of.customer service that I won’t forget as a customer.

Not only do they have sweet board games, they also have a great selection of RPG rules systems for purchase. Of course most of it will be Dungeons and Dragons, many more systems are available in its bookshelf of greatness. If they have Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition consider picking that bad boy up.

Disc Replay

Disc Replay

Oh Disc Replay, how I’ve spent many hours combing through your endless selections. This beauty of a store has everything a gamer could possibly dream of. A majority of their stock is retro gaming which can be as wide as selections for the Super Nintendo all the way to the PlayStation 4. I even got my hands on a near perfect condition Nintendo Gamecube from here with some of the most legendary video games of that era.

Disc Replay offers alot more to feed your geek cravings. They have a decent selection of anime, movies, funko figurines, to even sweet posters to decorate your gaming room. If you are lucky enough to have one…like me! If you’re looking for a place to build that retro gaming collection, I couldn’t reccomend a better place in town.

Enchantment Alley

Enchantment Alley

Enchantment Alley is by far the best geek store that the Champaign area has to offer. Not only is it completely full of sweet geek memorabilia, it’s loaded with an awesome community that drives the store forward. The store is decked out in Harry Potter decorations making it even more inviting that before. They have a whole wall dedicated to some of the most popular table top RPGs. I once found classic D&D modules for sell there, and I nearly freaked. I purchased a module that my dad had to teach me to play D&D all those years ago. It’s truly an amazing store.

Beyond having so much to purchase, Enchantment Alley offers spaces for you to run your games! I took my gaming group there one time and rented a space for us. We played until about 10:30 when they asked us to wrap. That’s a little short for me, but we had an absolute blast. Other than a place to run table top games, they also have several game consoles that you can rent for a while as well as a VR system! It’s a great service that puts Enchantment Alley as the best geek shop in the Champaign area.

If you live in or around the Champaign area, do yourself a favor an check out some of these shops. Have you been to any of these? If so let us know your favorite one! As always, be kind to each other and let’s make this week better than the last one.

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