Geek Life Nostalgia: Yu-Gi-Oh

Man, 2013-2014 was some of the best, and hardest years of my life. Going to highschool and working almost 40 hours a week was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done. However, there was a light in the dark. No matter what was going on in my life, whether it was our electricity being off, or what ever, there was always a place that I could go. A place where all my desires were met as a writer, and as a geek. That place was Books-A-Million.

BAM was so much more to us than a store. It was an escape. It was a place where me and all my friends could meet up and not be judged by what we were doing. We would all gather in the corner of Joe Muggs, BAM’s partnered coffee shop, and have the time of our lives. It was the only place in Meridian, MS that allowed us to have a place to truly be ourselves. There’s so many awesome memories have at BAM to pull from, but I’m gonna stick with the best one. That one is Yu-Gi-Oh.

Let me paint you a picture real quick.

Your sitting in the cafe of Joe Muggs next to a large window looking out into the parking lot. You just ordered a medium latte, and you look out and see the sun set behind a group of big, black clouds. A storm is on the horizon, but you like that. You unzip your backpack and pull out a tin box with all your Yu-Gi-Oh cards in it and sort them out on the table before you. Your name is called at the coffee bar counter with the announcement of your hot medium latte. As you get up, your two best friends walk in the door smiling sporting Kingdom Hearts shirts, and carrying their cases of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. It’s at this moment you know that life could never be better than this moment, and you’ll remember it until the day you die.

It’s having memories like this that make me proud to be a nerd. It wasn’t the girls, parties, or money that I remember from the good old days, but those late nights at BAM with 15 of us crammed into the Joe Muggs seating area. We would duel until closing time where most of us would meet up at a mutual friends house to keep the night going. It’s some of the best memories I have, and will forever cherish those late nights. All these years later I’ve sold off all my cards except for my last deck I made at Books-A-Million. Those Ancient Gears will always be apart of me, and I hope to someday teach my daughter how to play like the duelist of old.

I know, I know. I’m reminiscing about the good old days, but it shaped me to appreciate the smaller things in life. Just a latte, and a card game with friends was everything to me. It’s things like that as an adult I truly miss in my life. Yeah, they have Yu-Gi-Oh video games, but it will never recreate the feeling I got when we were all together. So is life though. Times change, and we all move on. One thing is for certain though: Once a duelist, always a duelist. One day we’ll all meet up again at Joe Muggs, and duke it out once more like we’re still those kids out of highschool.

What’s your favorite memories playing Yu-Gi-Oh? Let us know in the comments below! As always, be kind to one another, and show love to all.

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