Why The Google Stadia Will Eventually Meet Its End

The Google Stadia. Oh boy. Where do I begin. When I heard that a power house like Google was making a gaming console I was honestly excited. The industry needed a decent competitor to take on the video game giants Microsoft, Nintendo, and the great Sony. However, when I found out what the system actually was, I instantly knew it was destined for failure.

First off let’s state the obvious. The Stadia is a first world console through and through. Not only is it a first world console, it’s a first world metropolitan system. What I mean by that is that the only way you can use it is in developed countries with the world most powerful internet. Not even in some parts of said country. Outside of heavy urbanized areas there is no way you could have access to a fast enough internet to stream. It’s a major design flaw that I don’t see how Google could overlook.


Recently the internet in my area started acting wonky and cutting out. The first thing I thought of is if I had the Stadia, I wouldn’t be able to come home and enjoy gaming after a long day at my dead end retail job. Could you imagine working 10 hours a day to come home to your internet being out do you can’t stream those games? I would be absolutely furious. Luckily my wife and I have PlayStation 4’s so that wasn’t the case for us.

Now what can the Stadia do to change its course? It definitely needs to allow players to purchase, and download a game to their device. Whether that’s your super fancy smart phone, or your laptop, there need to be a feature to access your games when offline. Especially with games that are built for singleplayer such as Assassin’s Creed, and the upcoming Baldur’s Gate 3. Google should change the Stadia to a digital only service rather than a streaming one.

I’m here to say that streaming is not the future of gaming. Don’t get me wrong, the Stadia is an impressive piece of technology. However, the consumer demographic is so small I just don’t forsee the Stadia being a competitor for anything. A streaming service should be a compliment to a more traditional console. Something like Sony’s PlayStation Now is a perfect example of how to properly provide a streaming service for a conventional, disc based system. Hopefully Google learns from these mistakes, and makes strides in the future to correct these flaws.

Do you own the Google Stadia? If so, let us know your experience with it in the comments below. Be sure to show love to everyone, and let’s strive to have a better week than the last!

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