Resident Evil: A Series Misunderstood By Fans

Who remembers the first time they experienced Resident Evil? I remember being a kid with my fresh, new Nintendo Gamecube starring at the case of a game I got for my birthday. That game was Resident Evil Zero. I waited until the sun sat, drew the blinds down, and experienced what would become a life long obsession.

Back then it was all about the T-Virus and the zombies that came as a result of that particular virus breaking out. It was terrifying to creep around Raccoon City fighting for your life against hordes of infected. However, that’s just the thing. The T-Virus outbreak died when Raccoon City was nuked by the government. So, I’ve asked this question to many longtime, traditional fans of the franchise: When you say you want Resident Evil to return to its roots, what exactly does that mean?

For people who believe Resident Evil is about zombies then I’m here to tell you that you’re sadly mistaking. Resident Evil is about bio-terrorism plain and simple. A company developes a bio weapon off the books, terrorist entity steals it, boom! The plot of the whole franchise. The zombies were the result of just one of those bio weapons. So many more have plagued the world besides the one that was released on Raccoon City.

Saying you want the series to bring back zombies would be a major step back. Don’t you think the world would know how to handle that by now? Of course they would. That’s why newer, more fearsome viruses are introduced each game. Think about how boring things would get if we just played the same protagonists fighting the same zombies. This is the unfortunate fate that Silent Hill met. It’s the same city, same nurses, same Pyramid Head(even though he’s awesome, and same creepy siren. It lost its edge.

With the announcement trailer showing what we would be up against in Resident Evil 8, fans are again in an uproar about the lack of zombies. Did you guys even see the trailer? There’s a new virus that turns you into a freaking werewolf lime creature. He will be hunting you down like Nemesis did to Jill. That’s a terrifying new addition, and y’all want slow zombies? Come on fans, get real. This latest entry is going to be amazing, and I hope this doesn’t spell the end for long time protagonist Chris Redfield.

Sorry about the rant, the zealot fans just urke my nerves. How do you feel about the direction of the Resident Evil franchise? Are you as excited for the 8th entry as I am? Let me know how you feel in the comments below! Your comments feed the ever growing mana well that is our writing confidence. As always, let’s strive to be a little more kinder to our fellow man, and end the hate that has engulfed our great nation. Show some love y’all.

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