Bi-Weekly Book Club: The Last Wish (Part One)

This is an idea I’ve had since I first started writing for 101 Militia, but it never made the cut on any previous weeks because I want this to be really interactive, and the stats just weren’t there for it. In the past few weeks, though, our readership has really been climbing! And I’m hoping I can get a few of you to talk about this really cool book with me.

Here’s how it’ll work: in this first article, I’ll give you a little bit of intro into the book, what topics I expect to cover, and where to find a copy. Then, in two weeks, after you’ve had time to find the book and read the first section, I’ll be discussing my thoughts and asking a few questions (both of myself and of you!) about the book.

The Last Wish is split up into seven chapters and (in the copy I have) is a little over three hundred pages long. We all have very busy lives, and I’d like to start slow with this, so I’ll cover it in three sections: Chapters 1-2, 3-5, and 6-7. So, in two Fridays, on July 17th, I’ll post my thoughts on chapters one and two, and respond to all of your thoughts in the comments!

But first, a little context:


The Last Wish is a collection of short stories that take place shortly before the Witcher Saga. It was written in 1993 by Andrzej Sapkowski, a Polish author born in 1948. He studied economics and worked in trade for nearly twenty years, during which time he published The Witcher (the first short story in The Last Wish) in a magazine short story contest and won third place.

You may better know these stories from the The Witcher video games series or from the recent Netflix live-action series. The Netflix series was based directly on The Last Wish and another short story collection, The Sword of Destiny, which also takes place before the main series of Witcher novels.

The Witcher is a fantasy series that is heavily influenced by Slavic folklore and focuses on Geralt of Rivia, a white-haired monster hunter wrestling with his destiny, society’s perception of witchers, and, of course, monsters. The first chronological book in this series is The Last Wish, so that’s where we’ll be beginning.

Covered Topics:

I am not your English teacher, as fun as that would be, so I haven’t pre-read the book. However, I have seen the Netflix series and read the back cover. Based on this, I have a few ideas of the themes that we’re going to come across.

What Makes Us Human? What Makes a Monster? This has always been a fun question to explore, and I love to see it in books. I am so excited to discuss this.

Destiny and Choice. I’ve never much liked destiny plots; I’ve always thought it was a bit horrific that characters have no say in their fate and yet it’s presented as some grand and noble gift. However, I think that The Witcher has a fair bit to say about fighting for your own right to choose, so I’m interested to see how the book spins it.

War. Enough said.

I’m doubtless there are more, but that’s all I can pick out before having actually read it.

Where Is It?

I’ll always recommend checking your local library first and foremost. It’s such a great resource, and completely free! They often have audiobook options as well, so please consider supporting them with your traffic. Just be sure to wear a mask and keep a safe distance from others!

However, if you’d like to own the book, or would rather not brave the outside yet, I recommend They’re a great way to support independent bookstores and help them stay afloat in a world that is growing increasingly dependent on For a physical copy, you can get The Last Wish for as little as 8.99 or as much as 19.99 depending on how you like it bound. If you’d like to get started reading right away, they do have an e-book available at 7.99. Their audiobook version is, unfortunately, a little pricey at 25.28.

I had trouble finding any more affordable audiobook options, but The Last Wish does appear to currently be on sale at the Google Play Store for 14.95.

If you’re not into ordering online, your local bookstore should have copies in stock, especially after the release of the new Netflix series. Just remember: wear a mask, keep your distance, and use curbside pickup if available!


As an adult I find it increasingly difficult to make time for reading, and I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while. It’s been sitting on my shelf since I watched the Netflix series. That’s why I’m so excited to finally delve into it with you! I’d like to give everyone enough time to get a physical copy if they’d like so in two weeks we’ll discuss chapters one and two (about eighty pages). So grab your favorite warm drink, settle down under the covers, and get reading!


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  1. […] I hope everyone found their books alright and managed to carve an hour or two out of their busy schedules to read through the first two chapters of The Last Wish. Included in those chapters were two short stories in the witcher universe: “The Witcher” and “A Grain of Truth,” as well as the first two parts of the frame story: “The Voice of Reason.” If you missed the first book club “meeting,” let me catch you up here! […]


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