Manga: A Brief Breakdown

Manga is a popular pastime shared by people all over the world. But for folks new to the scene? It can be a little overwhelming figuring out the different genres. Well boys and girls, 101 Militia Gaming is here to help! Today I have comprised a basic list of just a few of the general manga genres and an example of each to point you in the right direction (heh, get it? Manga is meant to be read right to left!) of your next adventure into manga reading!



Kodomo is the genre that serves to help young children not only learn how to read but also provides some pretty cute stories! A popular example of this genre is the classic Doraemon.



Shonen is traditionally geared toward the younger male audience, but as y’all already know, anyone and everyone can enjoy. Usually Shonen is action packed and focuses on achieving out of reach goals. A wildly popular example is Fullmetal Alchemist.



Like with Shonen, Shoujo was meant originally for young females. The storylines are generally more romantic, but achieving goals is also usually a theme with this genre. A great example of this would be Fruits Basket.



Seinen is the manga that has been aimed at older teen and adult males. It typically has more violence and ahem sexual themes than is featured in Shonen. And example of this is Psycho-Pass.



Josei isn’t nearly as popular as its younger counterpart, but it is gaining more attention. This genre is geared toward adult women. Yes, it also seems to focus more on romance stories, but it also has more adult themes. My favorite example of this genre is Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku.

So, what is your favorite genre? How about sub-genre? Let us know what you think in the comment section below! ✌



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