Star Trek Bridge Crew: The Most Under Appreciated Coop Game Of The Generation

Wanna know what’s better than partying up with your friends? Partying with your friends on the bridge of a starship that’s what. Star Trek Bridge Crew allows you and four of your friends to take the helm of a federation starship and complete a variety of randomized missions. Each player takes control of a different officer on the bridge, with one being the ship’s captain. It’s truly a recipe for some amazing laughs.

Star Trek Bridge Crew got its start as a VR only game that immersed players into the role of a starship officer. Each officer has their own station that they are responsible for to make the ship run smoothly. The Helm pilots the ship, Tactical handles weapons, Engineering focuses on repairing and diverting power, and the captain makes sure it all runs smoothly.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

There is a limited story mode to it where the players take command of the USS Aegis on a search for a new home world for the Vulcans. The game follows the Kelvin time line, and has players investigating a mysterious region known as the Trench. The Trench is occupied by roaming Klingon warships looking to give any Star Fleet captain a bad day. It’s a great time, and can lead to some seriously tense encounters. The USS Aegis is an exploration vessel, not a warship. Any altercation with the Klingons could lead to serious damage to the ship, or even possibly her destruction with all her crew.

The game offers three ships for you and your friends to adventure in. The standard USS Aegis, the famous USS Enterprise, and via DLC, the USS Enterprise-D. Each ship is from a different era in Star Trek history, and offers very different play styles. Trust me though, the original Enterprise is a legit nightmare to choose. It uses the original flight controls from the 1960s design. Who ever thought clicking a button to turn left and right is insane! They had flight sticks in the 1960s ya know!

Star Trek Bridge Crew

If you’re looking for an awesome coop space adventure, look no further. Star Trek Bridge Crew delivers laughs, intensity, and alot of cussing across a vast semi-open environment. Have you give Star Trek Bridge Crew a try yet? If so, let us know your experiences in the comments below! Until next time, be sure to love and respect each other. Only today can we make a better tomorrow for our children.

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