Habitica: Life Is An RPG

Do you have trouble keeping up with so many tasks throughout the day like I do? I’ve stumbled across a sweet little app call Habitica. If you know us here at 101 Milita Gaming, then you know there just HAS to be a geek twist to this amazing app. Well, fear not my fellow disorganized friends, and come along as I show you a real life RPG system for working adults.

Habitica is a task manager that is built like a fantasy RPG. You just make your avatar then you’re all set to begin! You make a ‘To Do’ list, and as you complete these tasks the app awards you XP. Things on your list can be simple things like wash the dishes, take out the trash, or even change you cat’s litter box. Sorry Kitty.


A habit system is also available in the app to positively reinforce good habit, and punish you for bad ones. If you fall to one of your bad habits, you press the minus button making your avatar take damage. It’s honestly a great way to break those bad habits that plagues us all! On the flip side, if you do a positive habit like choose a healthy lunch, your avatar is awarded XP to level up! It’s an interesting way to break those troublesome habits we’ve all adopted.

There is a quest system that allows the user to perform various tasks to gain XP. As you complete tasks, quests, and level up, you unlock tons of sweet cosmetics for your avatar. There’s slots for armor, helmets, weapons, ect. They are actually pretty cool, and feels well worth it to unlock. There are also sets of equipment that have themes giving your avatar a sense of uniformity. You can have sets for warriors, rogues, mages, and several other class based sets.

I can remember being in elementary school and doing something similar in a notebook when I was in 4th grade. Like, I would draw myself in cool armor and everything. I would adorn myself with legendary weapons such as the Blades of Chaos from God of War as a reward for acing a test. Yeah, my geek blood runs deep for that kind of dedication. Every time I would get a good grade 9n a quiz I would give myself a set number of XP to level up. After a level up I would just make up some buffs like, now I can use a Pokémon, or now I’ve learned the Kamehameha Wave. It honestly helped me through school!


Habitica brings a new way to break your terrible habits, as well as keep your day nice and organized. Be social with it! There are hundreds of in app Guilds to join, or perhaps start one with your friends! If you’re stuck at work it almost makes the day bearable knowing your hard work is giving you XP. I think of it like real life D&D, you complete minuscule tasks through your adventures to get that level up at the end of the day.

Have you tried Habitica yet? If not, give it a go! Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Like always, respect and appreciate each other. We all need to come together during these rough times.

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