The Bad Rap: Noragami’s Yukine

Welcome back to this week’s installment of The Bad Rap! For those of you new to the scene, The Bad Rap is a continuing saga featured once or twice a month that showcases a character from an anime or manga that is routinely hated on by the general viewer. I like to shed light on these characters and make points as to why they have certain qualities, good and bad.

So without further ado, let’s get started with this week’s character in the hot seat – Yukine from Noragami.


Yukine, the everlasting cutie with a terrible temper

First of all, I strongly feel that Noragami is one of those anime that is greatly overlooked. I was first drawn by the manga and then watched the anime when it came out years later. Noragami follows an old, nearly forgotten god named Yato. For an old god, he looks a lot like a teenage delinquent in a track suit, going around granting wishes for five yen (about five cents USD) and spreading his name in order to build himself a shrine. Back in the old days he was the God of Calamity but with his more recent distaste for violence became the Delivery God.

But it ain’t Yato that brought you here! It is his shinki, Yukine. A shinki in Noragami is a divine weapon, and Yukine is the soul of a human that is transformed into this weapon. Without going into terribly great detail, Yukine became Yato’s shinki, and as such bonded the two as master and servant. Whatever Yukine does, Yato experiences. If Yukine does anything immoral, Yato feels as great pain.


Yukine in shinki mode

The thing about Yukine is that he had just died when he was suddenly “recruited” by Yato. He had no memories of what happened, but he was terribly bitter. Can you really blame him? It is revealed in the manga that he was in middle school when he passed, so he was very young. As any kid tends to do, he began to act out and cause a bit of trouble for Yato, therefore causing not only Yato pain but also endangering Yukine’s soul.

Many folks like to hate on Yukine for his brattiness and I just don’t think it is fair after insight as to why he acts out in the first place. The more I learned about his background, the more it made sense. As time goes on, he develops into quite a powerful weapon, and his relationship with Yato and Hiyori is adorable. Even if the manga is breaking my heart right now. 💔

So, what do you think? Does Yukine really deserve the hate? Does he wear his Bad Rap well? Let us know in the comments below and keep the conversation going! ✌



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