You’re An Adult Geek And That’s OKAY

We’ve all heard it before. People shocked that we play video games at our age for hours of a time. People comment that your recreational room is decorated with Funko figures and a poster of a Brotherhood of Steel recruitment propaganda. I’m here to tell you that all of that is OKAY. We’re adults, what we do with our time is completely up to us.

You should never feel guilty about doing what you love. If you want to play a sweet RPG after a 10 hour work day, then you absolutely have the right to do so. I mean, what do nongeeks think we should do? Go to bars? Window shop? That’s sounds like a horrible time. After a long day at work, especially in retail, I don’t want to be around more people. Gaming for me is an escape. It’s an opportunity to decompress from the unpleasantness of entitled customers.

A true story that happened to me recently at work shows perfectly what I’m trying to illustrate. A co-worker of mine was so shocked to hear that I enjoy watching anime for extended periods on my days off. They said I was too old to sit around all day and watch “cartoons”. Well, later that day my co-worker says they spent all day prior binge watching 90 Day Fiancé. Like, really? Give me a break.

We are adult geeks. Stop trying to force us to adopt your life choices. I don’t understand how being an anime fan is still taboo in a modern American society. Geek culture has quickly dominated the current pop culture that we experience day to day. It’s time to stop trying to shame geeks, because I don’t get shamed or embarrassed to say I game every night. It’s something I’m incredibly passionate about it, and openly talk about my love of geek culture with anyone who will listen.

Never be ashamed of doing what you love. Don’t feel obligated to do what nongeeks do just to fit in. The best part of being an adult is being independent. You don’t have to mold yourself to anyone’s standards but your own. Enjoy being a geek, because we are in a great time time to be one. So much amazing technology is on the horizon, and soon EVERYONE will be a geek in some form.

What’s your favorite geek activity? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! As always, be kind to each other, and show love to the people who need it most.

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