Boots on the Moon: A Space Force Review

Well it has definitely been a minute since I’ve had a chance to write something. But I have a good excuse.

Meet Matilda!

Introducing the newest member of the 101Militia family, Matilda. We can’t wait to raise her to be a little nerd like her mom and dad.

Being on maternity leave has given me the chance to have lots of time to catch up on old and new tv. One show that we recently wrapped up is the new Netflix Original Series, Space Force.

Netflix’s Space Force

Space Force follows Mark Naird, played by Steve Carrell, as he leads the newest addition to the United States Armed Forces. He is given the task from the President to have “Boots on the Moon” by 2024. Carrell has to work with an elite team of scientists led by Dr. Adrian Mallory, played by one of my favorites, John Malkovich. The two have a difficult time seeing eye to eye, which leads to some pretty comedic moments.

Space Force has a great blend of comedy and some heart-felt moments. The audience gets to see the struggles that Mark Naird faces when he uproots his family from Washington DC to middle of nowhere Colorado.

I will say though, while it is led and co-created by Steve Carrell, don’t go in watching it expecting humor like in The Office. Space Force has some dry and not so obvious humor. If you’re looking for a new show to watch that leaves you feeling happy at the end of almost every episode, you should definitely check out Space Force. Although it has gotten some bad reviews from critics, I just hope Netflix realizes what a gem they have in it so they will create a Season 2.

Have you already binged through Space Force? Did you love or hate it? Want to give me more show recommendations for my maternity leave? Let me know in the comments!

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