Cult Classic Throwback: Doom

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Ready to talk about a retro favorite? On today’s Cult Classic Throwback, we are going to talk about a real favorite among many far and wide – id Software’s Doom.

For some of you too young to know, or those who just need a brief refresher, Doom was released in late 1993 by id Software for the Ms-DOS. Back in the day, this was the game that everyone wanted to play. It had it all – first person shooter, sci-fi, violent demons, and a lone space marine ready to send them all back to hell by the gateways they invaded from. Doom is considered to this day as one of the greatest games of all time, setting the groundwork for future first person shooters.


Doom gameplay

This was just a classic game that made it easy to just de-stress and shoot monsters. It has that big nostalgia factor. I remember playing this game often as a kid with my brother and it definitely has that special place in my classic gaming reservoir… even though I’m not particularly a big fan of shooters. But as far as classic shooters go, you would be hard pressed to not include this gem on the list of the best!

You can still buy the classic version on Steam and relive those hellish battles!

Do you remember playing the classic Doom? Let us know what you thought and if any of its successors matched the original feel of the gameplay. We would love to have you join the conversation!


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