Civilization 6: An Experience Not A Game

Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise is the grand daddy of all strategy games. It’s easy to see how such a legendary franchise is able to stay at the top after 20 plus years of development. Civilization has been a influential figure on most modern 4x strategy games from Stelaris to Age Of Wonders.

So what is Civilization?

Civilization is a nation building simulation where players take the role of head of state of some of the greatest empires in history. The over all goal is to expand your country’s influence, gather valuable resources for you people, and at times use the might of your military to push your country’s agenda. Players have their choice of real nations that have made their mark on history. Players can conduct diplomacy with rival nations by trading goods, exchanging valuable information, and forge strong alliances for a mutual purpose.

Civilization is honestly not a game, it’s an experience. Since I was a kid I knew that “winning” was never the true purpose of the game. I was playing for the absolute enjoyment of experiencing the simulation of running a country. It’s a concept that has been implemented in many games that followed. Let’s look at the legendary Minecraft. You can technically “win” Minecraft by killing the Ender Dragon, but do you actually play it for that purpose? Of course not. You play it for the experience of building anything your imagination can spawn. Civilization is played much the same way.

Civilization 6

It’s definitely easy to see how Sid Meier has stayed at the top of the gaming industry. By implementing a concept as a love for play as opposed to winning, players are given endless replayability. Every game I finish makes me hungry to get back in and play again with a new country. No two games will ever be the same, and that is so attractive to us adult gamers that look for replayability. I mean, I wish I could play every new game that drops like when I was a kid, but raising a family, work, and general life takes priority. That’s what makes Civilization so special. You step into a new world of challenges every time you play.

Are you a fan of Civilization and other 4x strategy games? Let’s us know your fondest memories in the comments below! As always, be sure to love each other. Only coming together today can ensure a better tomorrow.

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