Let’s Talk: Oceanhorn

Being stuck inside for however many days I’ve been inside (I lost count somewhere around April) I’ve been digging into some more childhood games. As a young kid I couldn’t get over my obsession with Legend of Zelda, it’s my all time favorite franchise and I’ve played each game to death, all except for the newest Breath if the Wild. Now my all time favorite is Legend of Zelda Windwaker.

Which, along with it’s special animation style known as “cel-shading” and remains to this day probably to the most well known cel-shaded game. Even though a lot of Zelda fans condemn Windwaker, my goodness that story was beautiful, the animations were on point and Link’s eyebrows remained on fleek. But just recently I came across a game I can wholeheartedly say, is the best Legend of Zelda Windwaker clone ive EVER laid my hands on. So let’s talk about Oceanhorn! Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas an action-adventure that was developed by Finnish studio Cornfox & Bros. It focuses on an unnamed boy protagonist’s quest to find his lost father and defeat the living fortress, Oceanhorn.

Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharted Seas

Tell me that doesn’t sound vaguely familiar, but we will get to that. It was first released for iOS November 2013, and later had ports for EVERYTHING ELSE. Let me tell you folks, that as an aged Legend of Zelda can I couldn’t be more proud of this clone. For a game that was ported over from mobile, there’s a lot of praise to hand out here. I can’t hand out much because I’m going to expand on this article next week when I finish up the game! I didn’t think I missed sailing on the open seas, which for Windwaker was the biggest, newest thing at the time, with Oceanhorn you don’t quite have the freedom of complete “open world” travel, but as you boat between islands you at least have a musket to put down ocean baddies. Which still can’t compare to running them down Windwaker style with your cannon but I digress, there are a lot of similarities to the Hero of Wind and the Nameless Hero; the hero from Oceanhorn.

Even down to the fact that NEITHER OF THEM TALK ONE WORD. You also start Oceanhorn in a nice blue tunic outfit that is very reminiscent of Link’s starting clothes from Windwaker. So between the awesome sword fighting and hunting for baddies to slay, I couldn’t help but feel myself skip back into a moment of pure childhood bliss. A time where Link was the ultimate hero and nothing could go wrong. Stay tuned for next weeks article for the rest of the article, the nameless hero isn’t done with his work yet! And follow the embedded link to see some gameplay from Oceanhorn! It’s from my personal twitch account, so it won’t be the best fighting but hey, I’m funny. And as always remember everybody, stay safe, stay sane, and as always; have a wonderful weekend.


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