LitRPG’s Your new Obsession!

First let me apologize to my fans, I didn’t have an article last weekend because Jericoh101 welcomed a new addition to to the family, so congratulations are in order. In the midst of chaos it slipped my mind so I apologize. But we get to start this weekend with one of my favorite book genres. LitRPGs, what are they? LitRPG aka “literary Role-Playing Game” is a subgenre of fiction where the protagonist spends the bulk of the story playing some form of roleplaying game.

For instance, the main character might be a wizard in a High Fantasy session of Dungeons and Dragons, a space pirate in a science-fiction MMORPG or even a zombie in a survival horror RPG. The most common setting is a full-immersion virtual reality RPG where smell, touch and taste are as much a feature as sight and sound.

During their in-game story, the protagonist will interact with other players and/or NPCs (non-player characters), complete quests, gain experience points, build up a repertoire of skills and spells in their chosen character class, and generally do all of the stuff you’d expect to see in an RPG video game or tabletop roleplaying game. Although it’s been around as a genre for over 30 years, LitRPG has really only gained traction during the last 10 years. It started in South Korea, spread to Russia, and is now causing quite a stir in the American indie publishing scene.

LitRPG is like a fictionalized Twitch stream of a gamer playing an RPG like Witcher 3 or Skyrim. Since there are now more people watching video games than playing them in the world, you can probably start to understand the growing popularity of this fledgling genre of fiction. One of my favorite LitRPGs is written by a man named Aaron Oster and is titled “Supermage” for anyone wanting to step out into LitRPG this is a great one to start with. A very engaging story with a simple character sheet for the main character named Morgan. It’s full of explosive fun and pure badassery. It’s one of my all time favorites.

Have you read any LitRPGs? If so drop a comment! And remember the 101 Militia doesn’t want our fans to go hungry. When you need that gamer fuel hit up our partners at JerkyPro! They have the tastiest jerky that will carry you through all your gaming, and with the code 101Militia enjoy a percentage off! We thank all of our fans and remember. Stay safe out there.

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