Nerdy Beats To Focus To

I have, miracle of all miracles, started writing again. Like real, proper, manageable-word-count-goal-a-day writing. Now, an important part of writing, for me and many others, is having the proper background noise. This is often the same for studying or trying to sleep or really just doing anything that requires more focus than my attention span usually provides. So this week I went on hunt for fun new beats to write to.

As far as basics go, there’s always the lo-fi girl that everyone knows and loves.

This girl, from the channel ChilledCow.

I would be amiss if I wrote an article about lo-fi music without mentioning her, but sometimes I like to switch it up or just want a specific vibe. I set off in search of OPTIONS, and here I am to share them with you.

Mighty Vibes Vol 1 and 2


These tracklists are up on the Critical Role YouTube channel. For those who are unaware, Critical Role is a web series of professional voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons. They’re now in their second campaign, though it’s on hold at the moment due to certain, ahem, world events.

The first depicts Laura Bailey’s character, Jester, in a loop that was inspired by the lo-fi girl mentioned above. The second depicts the characters of Liam O’Brien and Marisha Ray (Caleb and Beau respectively) lounging as they read.

Both videos have voice samples from the actors that break into the tracks occasionally, which is a really nice touch to remind you of exactly what you’re listening to even if you don’t have the loop in sight. It helps keep you in that fun, fantasy mindset so that you can doodle like a tiefling or study like a wizard.

Studio Ghibli Music 24/7


These tracks are covers of Ghibli themes by Cat Trumpet, who also does the minimalist art. As much as I love vibing to Dungeons and Dragons, I do prefer 24/7 live streams. The problem with looking at my phone or switching tabs to start a video over is the looking at my phone/switching tabs part. I WILL get distracted. Every time.

Having said that, naps are starting to sound more and more appealing now that the warm summer months are coming up, and the soft, sweet nostalgia is perfect for trying to doze to. This is music for romanticizing your own life as you lounge in the shade. Or hey, the sun! Or your A/C. All nap locations are valid.

Skyrim Ambience


This is Skyrim music. Plain and simple. It’s a three hour collection of the atmosphere tracks straight from the game. It’s wind and rain with the occasional swell of strings, and it’s nice for when you find even chill beats and lo-fi vibes distracting.

Hey, it happens sometimes.

Like white noise but nerdy, this is exactly the kind of music I need in the background while writing. It’s just enough to help you keep focused without drawing you into the music itself.

Zelda & Chill

Link: undefined

Wait, no. That’s not right.

Link: undefined

I’m very funny. Ok fine, here:

Zelda & Chill is created by GameChops, a record label that remixes video game music professionally. This video has remixes of 14 Zelda themes, but there are plenty of other options to choose from including Super Lofi World, Poké & Chill, and the live streams: Video Game Study Lounge and Chiptune Arcade. Their music is available on iTunes and Spotify as well as YouTube, so there are plenty of listening options!


Yes, I did label all the links so that I could include that joke at the end. If you think I’m a dork and should Stop immediately, leave a like or let me know in the comments below!

You should also be sure to keep your energy up if you’re studying or writing. It helps you focus. I recommend jerky. Specifically, I recommend our sponsor, JerkyPro! Check them out and use the code 101Militia for 5% off!

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