The Bad Rap: Excalibur


Yeah, chances are if you’re a fan of the anime Soul Eater, you read that short and simple insult in old Excalibur’s voice. But what if you have never seen Soul Eater and have no idea who Excalibur is (other than a legendary sword featured in Sir Arthur’s tales of heroics?) Well, it is time to stretch out and listen to this week’s Bad Rap – Excalibur.


Excalibur showing off his impressive dancing skills

Usually with these Bad Rap articles, I have a soft spot for the character whom I feel is hated on unjustly. However, this is the rare occasion where I have to side with the popular majority – Excalibur is a horribly annoying character. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of watching Soul Eater, Excalibur is a living sword with a bit of a… history. His only redeeming quality is the fact that he is immensely powerful and has the capability of turning any meister into a bonafide hero. What makes him so terrible? His narcissistic, egotistical personality makes him insufferable for most individuals to truly connect with him for longer than a few days.

Soul Eater does well with its presentation of this character as to build up into why he has such a bad reputation among meisters and weapons alike. In order to become his meister, one must accept his list of 1,000 provisions, which is often nonsensical and even contradictory of other provisions. This doesn’t even include his sneezing fits and countless interruptions. Over the span of a few episodes, it’s accepted that honor and glory as Excalibur’s meister is never worth the horrors of withstanding his awful personality.

Sure, it can’t be denied that Excalibur has his share of badassery and it is clear that his power is the real deal. But any willing meister soon develops a similar reaction after meeting the legendary Holy Sword…


Kid and BlackStar after their encounter with Excalibur

So, what do you guys think? Has Excalibur been painted into an annoying little chibi, or is he the real deal and king of the narcissists of the anime world? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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