A Bit Of Practical Advice.

Hello everyone, and greetings. I know that you’re not used to seeing yours truly here but given that Lady McCool just welcomed a new addition to the family this past week, and I know for myself how hectic that can be, I was only more than happy to be asked to fill in. So first off, a big congratulations is in order, I’m so happy for you guys and I wish your growing family nothing but the best. Okay, with pleasantries said and well wishes made, let’s get down to it.

As some of you might know I not only make weekly contributions to 101 Militia Gaming but I’m also an aspiring writer, with fantasy and sword and sorcery being my preferred genres to dabble in. For a shameless plug, if you haven’t checked out my first two novellas visit my Amazon store or look me up on Nook or Apple books. If you like dark fantasy and gritty adventure I promise you won’t be disappointed. Just be sure to keep the kids far away, or if you want them mentally scarred for life, let’em have at it. With that said, being a writer I’m often asked about how I go about my process, and with having to navigate the challenges of self-publishing  mostly on my own I could talk a lot about the lessons I’ve learned and the things I would and wouldn’t do again. I could go into how to plot a story, how to find character motivation, or even how to help spark your inspiration. But any of these could easily take up multiple posts if I really wanted to do them justice, so what I thought I’d discuss here is a resource that I often use once by books are already written and just about ready to go. I really hope this might help any of you guys who are on or thinking about taking the same journey that I am, because it really has a lot to offer if you’re so inclined to look further into it.

If you have a need for something creative give them a look.

The site I’m talking about is Fiverr.com and it was suggested to me during a workshop I attended that was run along with my writing group. If you’re not familiar with it, Fiverr is a collection of thousands of designers, illustrators, and a whole host of other merchants that I can’t begin to name here, but it’s safe to say there’s more than plenty. I use the site to find independent artists to do my cover designs for my books, but if you’re an author yourself, or have aspirations to be, you can find freelance editors, marketers, and narrators if you’re thinking about doing an audio book. Fiverr even offers musicians for soundtracks and programmers for all your tech needs, and a plethora of other talent for both traditional and digital design, which is great for any custom projects or gifts you might have in mind. In the future I’m thinking about seeing what might be offered in the realm of web design, but that’s a little ways off yet so no rush.

What I really like about Fiverr is that the learning curve is pretty low, so it can be easy to be up and running fast if you know what you’re searching for. I went in totally cold and not really knowing what to expect, but within about half an hour I had created an account and had a handful of artists that I liked saved and ready to look further into. I ended up picking the one that sounded best for me and we started communicating and swapping ideas back and forth, and once everything was settled payment was handled right through their site, but it can also be linked to Paypal or a checking account. It was quick and easy, and the vendors all responded promptly, which made it a breeze and took away any trepidation I might have been feeling about the process. I was pleased to see that they were all very easy to work with, with most offering unlimited revisions if I just wasn’t feeling the design I received, which made it a rather enjoyable process.

My one negative about the site is that there is an awful lot there, so it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options you’re presented with, especially if everything’s new to you. I was gob smacked at first by the number of freelancers to sort through, so make sure you’re careful and read their descriptions and order info thoroughly before making a decision. Take your time and you should be just fine, rush in, and you might find yourself getting something that doesn’t quite fit with what you need or had in mind.

All in all, I highly recommend Fiverr for anyone who has a creative need they can’t quite pull off on their own, or to one that can but finds they just might not have the time. It’s fast, easy to use, and has a massive selection of merchants to choose from, and the price points are usually very affordable so it can match almost any budget. I really hope that this might help some of you out there who need some assistance with your own creative endeavors and have never considered Fiverr before, so take some time and give it a gander if you’re curious about what they have to offer, because you never know what you might find. Until our usual time next week, gang, later and have a great weekend.

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