101 Militia’s Top 5 Games That Deserve A Remaster

We live in an age of remasters and remakes in video game culture. There are so many amazing games that deserve to be brought back to late for an audience that missed it last generation. These titles were some of the best of the time, and really made the last generation special. With the next generation on the horizon, we can only hope to see these amazing games brought back to life.

5. Dungeon Siege III

Dungeon Siege III

Wow, what an incredible game. Dungeon Siege III is the most underrated action RPG of the previous generation. I grew up playing the Dungeon Siege series, so when this came out in 2011 I was so excited. The game actually takes place many years after the first entry, and make subtle nods to the original cast of characters who are long dead. This gave long time fans of the franchise the satisfaction of knowing that the characters they went journeyed with had a fitting end.

Gameplay was as fluid, and smooth as Diablo III which would release the following year. It’s honestly sad that it wasn’t as well recieved as the others at the time, but some big fundamental changes changed the formula of the franchise. For the first time in the series, players controlled only one character instead a party of eight. This turned off fans to its release hurting sales drastically. We haven’t heard much from this seemingly forgotten franchise, but it’s definitely a title that deserves another chance.



How awesome was SOCOM back in the day? During the 2000s it was honestly the third person shooter franchise to beat. SOCOM did an amazing job putting player in the boots of a U.S. Navy Seal operator conducting operations through out the world. It delivered epic narratives that kept us on the edge of out seats like a blockbuster military thriller.

SOCOM once dominated the tactical shooter genre, but started to fizzle out with the coming of Ghost Recon, and the new Rainbow Six games. With the last entry coming in 2011 fans have been longing for a new entry the whole span of the PlayStation 4 generation. We can only hope that the franchise will be ressurected next generation.

3. Tom Clancy’s End War

Tom Clancy’s End War

Must I say more? Tom Clancy’s End War was WAY ahead of its time. This master piece of an RTS released last generation for PC and consoles. It depicted a fictional World War III scenario set in an alternative Tom Clancy universe. Three factions are duking it out for complete domination: The United States, European Federation, and the Russian Federation.

End War had a unique system for players to control units in the field. Players wearing a headset with mic could actually speak orders to units like move to a spot, capture an objective, engage an enemy, and even separate into groups. The system was the absolute coolest, and seriously made you feel like a commander. End War was the best RTS of the generation, and is the most deserving for a remaster.

2. Resistance: Fall Of Man

Resistance: Fall Of Man

This is an absolute gem. Set in an alternative 1950s where aliens invade the world, Resistance puts players in the boots of a resistance fighter in the United Kingdom. Players are sent through a whirlwind of a story where they must work with the resistance in breaking the alien occupation.

Spanning three main entries in the series, Resistance dominated the PlayStation 3 era’s science fiction shooters most of the generation. With the only competition being the great Killzone, it took its place at the top of the sales charts. The franchise has since developed quiet a cult following over the year, with fans hoping for a new entry in the series. It’s unknown if another will come, but what is known is that the fan base around the franchise is still as strong as ever.

1. Overlord

Overlord II

This is arguably one of the best, under appreciated action RPGs of the entire PlayStation 3 generation. What’s better than being an evil ruler? I’ll tell you what…being a legendary hero that has turned into an evil overlord. Overlord gives players the opportunity to see the dark side of the fantasy medieval genre, and give them the full power of a ruthless villain.

The Overlord is accompanied by his army of cute little goblinoids called Minions. He commands them with an ancient gauntlet passed down through each incarnation of the title. Players have a choice to either subjugate the kingdom populace, or kill them all. It’s to your discretion as the overlord. The game was honestly a joy to play, and was the coolest thing to experience. Very few games give you the opportunity to play as the dark side, and Overlord does it so well. It’s a franchise that has developed a cult following, and definitely is among the top that deserve a remaster. We don’t talk about fellowship of evil….that’s garbo.

Is there any games you would like to see remastered? Let us know in the comments below! Stay safe, stay healthy, and love each other!

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