New to Anime? 10 of the Best Entry Level Anime for Beginners

As I write this article, my brother and sister-in-law are at the hospital having their first child! We are all absolutely ecstatic and want to be there to support them, but COVID-19 put a stop to any visitors even being at the hospital right now.

So, I got to thinking over this past week about anime. I have watched my fair share of great – and NOT so great – shows in my time, and I started to wonder what kind of anime my new little niece will fall in love with. We all have a starter, or an “entry” anime that manages to hook us in. And then there are others who might not have been raised with anime and are lost on which ones to start with! Well, I compiled a short list of ten anime that make great entries for beginner otakus.

1. Yu Yu Hakusho


Awesome Entry for Folks Who Enjoy: Paranormal, Adventure, Fighting, Humor

This is a classic 90s shonen (typically created for a young male audience, but really it is to be enjoyed by anyone who likes action and/or fighting storylines) that follows the adventures of a teen delinquent who goes from high school thug to… well, resurrected high school thug AND spirit detective! I had watched plenty of anime before, but YYH was the first that really pulled me in with its story and action, thus I consider it my personal starter.

2. Death Note


Awesome Entry for Folks Who Enjoy: Paranormal, Psychological Thriller, Horror, Strategy

This anime is more serious and definitely asks the deep questions about morality. Death Note will pull you through a series of emotions, wondering at what point Light goes from a hero to a ruthless killer no better than the criminals he would eliminate.

3. Full Moon o Sagashite (Searching for the Full Moon)


Awesome Entry for Folks Who Enjoy: Romance, Slice of Life, Paranormal, Singing, Drama

Yep, this one managed to make me bawl. This is a shojo (like shonen, except marketed toward young females) and is about an orphan girl dying from cancer. Already a big ouch, right? Mitsuki had always dreamed of becoming a singer, but her dreams were cut short by her diagnosis. However, she was visited by two shinigami (basically grim reapers) and they allowed her to live out this dream of hers so her soul could rest peacefully when it is finally her time. Despite the grim description, this really is a cute and enjoyable anime.

4. Dragon Ball Z


Awesome Entry for Folks Who Enjoy: Action, Fighting, Classic Shonen

I know MANY people who had DBZ as their entry anime, and it is a classic! This is your typical fighter with amazing (and infamous) battles that last for episodes.

5. Naruto


Awesome Entry for Folks Who Enjoy: Fighting, Adventure, Ninjas, Underdogs

Naruto is another classic that makes for a great entry because you can’t help but root for the underdog that ends up proving that he has what it takes to become a great ninja!

6. Inuyasha


Awesome Entry for Folks Who Enjoy: Paranormal, Time Travel, Adventure, Budding Romance

Inuyasha is a great anime to hop on-board right now because it was just released that a new sequel is in the works! Inuyasha is the story of a half demon living in Feudal Japan and a school girl living in Japan in the 1990s. Via a well located on her family property, she is transported through time. Ugh, so much great nostalgia with this one!

7. Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)


Awesome Entry for Folks Who Enjoy: Paranormal, Action, Period, Fighting

Black Butler is a great favorite of mine! It is about a young boy that sells his soul to a demon to avenge no one but himself. There are twists and turns that will keep the viewer on their toes. But remember… WE DO NOT TALK ABOUT SEASON 2. IT DOES NOT EXIST.

8. Bee and Puppycat


Awesome Entry for Folks Who Enjoy: Slice of Life, Cuteness, Sassiness, Adventure

I might get some shit for this as it might not actually be considered an anime, but Bee and Puppycat would certainly be an amazing starter for someone who wants to get into anime but might be a bit overwhelmed by delving into a series that has been around a long time. So far, Bee and Puppycat has only one season of ultra short episodes, but season 2 is on the way with full length 22 minute episodes. You will love this series if you just need something to distract you with cuteness and a splash of WTF.

9. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon


Awesome Entry for Folks Who Enjoy: Action, Romance, Slice of Life, Magical Girl, Classic Shojo

Sailor Moon is the ultimate entry for just about any young person who was entranced by magic and the planets! Sailor Moon is the ultimate in magical girl anime, and probably the most recognizable.

10. Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Awesome Entry for Folks Who Enjoy: Magical Girl, Adventure, Slice of Life, Dark Turns

I ain’t ruining this one for you if you’ve never heard of it. All I’m going to say is this one isn’t a good starter for young kids, as cute and frilly as it appears. If you are older, watch it and don’t look up spoilers – it’s much more fun that way.

There are SO MANY anime that I could have included. Some notable ones are Fullmetal Alchemist (Original, not Brotherhood), Cowboy Bebop, Fairy Tale, and Bleach. I honestly could go on and on.

But in the end, anime is amazing. I could give you a million suggestions, but it is all according to your tastes – from story, art style, and even voices. Pick one that looks cool to you and delve in – no matter what, you are in for a great adventure! ✨

What do you think, do you have any others that you would add to this list? Let us know what your starter was in the comments below!✌


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