Let’s Read Pod Cast: A Look Into Real Life Horror

What’s better than a scary story? How about a scary story that’s 100% true. That’s what The Let’s Read Podcast has created for the past few years. Those who know me know that I’m a horror freak. I love scary things plain and simple. That bring said, I’m not so easily creeped out. However, the real life stories pulled from Reddit by The Let’s Read Podcast honestly gives me chills.

Very few stories read by the narrator are of supernatural origin. Most of the content comes from people’s account of terrifying experiences in their lives. Yeah, you got your occasional ghost story, but it’s the everyday things like a creep stalker at night, recalling being abducted as a child, or even a crazy ex-girlfriend stalking your evey move…we’ve all been there.

I’ve always been a fan of combing through the dark, twisting tunnels of the Reddit archives looking for true scary stories, so having all the best in one place is a miracle for any horror lover. It’s honestly a rabbit hole. First you find an interesting story, then someone comments their story, next thing you know you’re spiraling down an endless hole of the most messed up things found on the internet. It’s truly an interesting way to spend an evening.

The Let’s Read Podcast is a perfect way to spend a stormy day. The creepy stories will have you on edge as you imagine yourself in these crazy situations. The best way to enjoy this in make a good cup of tea, boot up Let’s Read on your desired streaming service, and let the calm voice of the narrator immerse you. I usually listen to it out on a walk, or while I’m on break at work. It’s a great way to truly detox from the craziness that we see through out our days. Nothing eases your pain like listening to someone go through something for worse than your eight hour shift.

Do you have a creepy story that happened to you in your life? Submit your story to reddit/r/LetsReadOfficial/submit to get your story heard. Anything from the creepy noises you hear in the attic, to the strange customer that followed you home are welcomed. There’s a welcoming community there that will embrace that one story you’ve been too afraid to tell. I even have a story on there with my run in with a not so holy cult…I’m hoping one day I’ll hear it read by the narrator while I’m listening one stormy day in the future.

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