Verdun: An Epic Taste Of Trench Warfare

Growing up in a family that highly valued the knowledge of history, I’ve often sought after experiences that would put me right in the action of the things I have read. I’ve always been an avid military historian, researching even the tiniest of details. Such as, ranging from what Roman soldiers ate for breakfast to what the smell of a wreckage of a kamikaze attack. Being a gamer, I often look for historical accuracies within games that set the tone for the whole experience. It brings a sense of immersion that many genres can’t replicate.

Verdun is a squad based tactical shooter that replicates then tough, chaotic battles fought on the western front during World War 1. The game play is very simple. Take the enemy trench or die trying. If you lose your trench, your enemy will use it against you on their way to push you back even further. This isn’t a game where you can do high flying moves, or cool little “no scopes”. This is a historical military simulator where if you get shot, you’re done for.

The game features a historical squad system to level up you guns and gear. As you duke it out in the trenches of France, you are able to progress down an equipment unlock tree for any specific role in a squad. Not every squad has the same roles though. One French squad might have a support role start with a bolt action rifle and end up with the legendary Chauchat. Another squad might have a role where you can unlock just a bayonet version of your rifle, which is absolutely priceless on a World War 1 battlefield.

A French Squad In Verdun.

Verdun sets the immersion when you’re at the game’s menu screen. The era accurate music and trenches set the tone that you are just a single soldier in the midst of a great conflict. You’re not alone though! The game’s mechanics revolve heavily around the squad system. You are in a squad of four, each with their own roles to play in combat. The squad leader, which usual sports a trusty pistol and binoculars, is one one of the more important roles. They set the area of attack for their unit, and their squad gets bonuses for correctly following orders. Squad leaders also have special abilities that could turn the tide of any assault making that role especially important on the battlefield.

Being an infantry focused experience, Verdun lacks the access to vehicles, and that’s OKAY. Many gamers out there are spoiled by Battlefield 1, which is a great game, but it allowed players to use tanks way more frequently than they were actually used. That’s ok and all, but it slightly lowered the focus on infantry which was what the first World War was. I’m not here to bash on Battlefield 1 though, it’s a fantastic game and will always be the best to date.

With Mil-Sims (Military Simulators) being so limited on consoles, Verdun comes as a relief to anyone who is tired of the run-n-gun style of modern shooters. It’s a game that makes you actually stop and think about how you should best approach the situation at hand. It’s chaotic, immersive, and down right gritty. One bullet can end your soldier on the battlefield, so don’t get yourself killed leaving your squad a man down. Work together, and cooperate to bring down the enemy and take that thin line of trench.

Verdun is currently one of the BEST Mil-Sims on console. If you’re interested in experiencing the true grit of World War 1, give Verdun a go and see the greatness for yourself!

As always, leave a comment letting us know how you feel about Mil-Sims on consoles. Stay healthy and love each other, because today we are all each other has.

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