Anime Food You Know You Want to Try

Let’s be real here for a second. Have you ever watched an anime and suddenly have a craving for the food featured? It might focus on the preparation, the cooking of it, even just the characters eating it. What am I saying, of course you have! We’ve all been there!

The great thing about these foods is that oftentimes these are dishes that are not prevalent in our daily lives and are a great aspect of another culture. So without further ado, let’s discuss just a few of these amazing looking dishes!

1. Shabu-shabu (Hot Pot)


Shabu-shabu is a fun dish that is often eaten in a group setting with family and friends gathered around. Most of the time it contains a meat that has been sliced thin and vegetables, but really the options are endless and subject to whatever you wish to add to it. The fun part of this meal is the boiling water and stock that is used to cook the meat quickly. Usually one takes a piece of the meat, submerge it for only a few seconds, and then it can be eaten with sauces and cooked rice. One day I would love to have a Shabu-shabu party with my family!

2. Taiyaki (Baked Sea Bream)


Oh man, have you ever seen one of those cute fish cakes and desperately want one – even though you had no clue what was inside and were pretty sure it contained a mystery meat of some sort? Me too! Taiyaki is usually made with a waffle or pancake batter and can be filled with anything from sweet bean paste to even ice cream. Yum!

3. Kare Pan (Curry Bread)


This is a dish I have wanted to try for YEARS (particularly with chocolate… 😉.) It is deep fried dough filled with delicious curry. Talk about a whole snack you can take a walk with!

4. Ramen


Probably the most popular and recognizable food, ramen (in some form) is a staple all over the world. Though nothing quite beats the traditional Japanese-style ramen complete with meats, vegetables, and the pulled noodles.

5. Katsudon (Pork Cutlet Bowl)


Whew boy. I ain’t typically a fan of pork (bacon has to be burnt to a crisp or finely chopped for me 🤷) but Lord does that pork bowl look good! It is typically prepared with fried pork, vegetables, and egg. A winner of a meal for ice skating idols… or anyone who enjoys a good hearty meal!

There you have it! What are some other amazing looking food you have found yourself craving from the anime world? Comment below and join the discussion! ✌


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