The Lonely Life Of A Solo Wargamer

One of the coolest hobbies I’ve stumbled upon in my adult life is minature wargaming. However, most of my friends never really gave it the time of day.

I’ve always been into strategy gaming growing up, so when I discovered a table top version I immediately geeked out. There’s a few problems with getting into minature war gaming I’ve found. If you don’t have a group, you’re simply not going to play. Like, at all.

War gaming, being historical or another genre, is by default a multiplayer experience. It simulates the strategic thinking of two or more commanders trying to out maneuver each other on a simulated battlefield. Now, how can one experience these epic confrontations of massive minature armies? Well, turns out there is a little think called “Solo War Gaming”.

Warhammer 40,000

I happened to stumble upon this concept while talking with a few wargamers in a Facebook group. There are WHOLE systems constructed around the sole idea of solo war gaming. Just like me, many war gamers out there struggle to find a dedicated group to play with leaving a large “oh well…” in their lives. The systems these guys find are quiet interesting with their level of playing and tacticsl A.I.

In solo war gaming, there are several ways to run a pretty decent A.I. to play against on the table top. One very common method is using a standard deck of playing cards with instructions on how to maneuver, attack, and sometimes even ambush. I’ve actually seen it in practice, it’s pretty effective. Another popular method is with dice and rolling tables. There are a set of rolling tables with an action on each number. You simply roll the die and complete to corresponding action provided on each table. It’s a simple, yet complex system that can reach in depth with multiple tables.

So, for those of you how are struggling to find a group to play with, look no further. Fun on the table top can still be achieved with the use of several systems, as well as a little imagination! Let us know in the comments if you struggle to find a group, and what systems you like to use!

One comment

  1. I too am a solo painter/collector and gamer, work full time wife and 3 small kids. Means the time I get to myself I enjoy spending on my own. I’ve not tried to find a group at all but do enjoy the solo side of things as I find it relaxing. I’ve tried a couple of solo rule sets , I enjoy playing lost patrol,space marine adventures and space hulk death angel and tanks skirmish by gale force nine,
    I’m currently reading the rules for flames Of war and have just bought bolt action. The main part of the hobby for me is painting and collecting but every now and then it’s good to get some dice rolling.


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