Couch Co-op: The End of an Era?

Let’s talk today about a bygone era. An era of boyfriend-and-girlfriend or even multiple friends surrounding one TV for a heated co-op brawl! With the rise of battle royales, in-depth online multiplayers, etc. We’ve witnessed a steep decline of the treasured couch co-op. There are still a few lurking in between the cracks and crevices of your local game shop. Titles such as Diablo 3, Borderlands, Minecraft, and Rocket League are amongst the few. They’ve all but disappeared and took with them the quality time that friends used to spend together. Times of gathering together and watching those in-person rivalries spill out on the screen.

Bonding moments between friends that deepen with each round of Super Smash Bros. When and how did we let such glorious moments pass us by? When did we, as gamers, decide that in person play was second to online? I personally would like to see a rise in couch co-ops once again. Looking back, times spent huddled around my tv with my best friend slaying as many zombies as we could or delving deep into puzzles neither one of us could do alone were some of my happiest memories.

Call of Duty Zombies

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve watched something that used to be an important piece of gaming slip into the shadows in favor of battle royales, and online multiplayers. There used to be a balance between online play and couch co-op and over the years its been lost. That’s why in my opinion gaming today leads to quick competition fatigue. When all a person focuses on is getting higher on the leaderboards it makes a gamer burn out quick. I know I for one have suffered competition fatigue several times.

When that happens all, I want is to play a little couch co-op with my girlfriend but wait there’s not many options anymore. Oh well, at least we always have Diablo 3. Hopefully gamers one day can reignite that spark, but only time will tell.

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