Competition Fatigue In Video Games

In a recent article of mine, I went over why bots had disappeared in modern video games. This week it kind of hit me more than usual. With the domination of the video game industry by multiplayer focused games, it’s becoming tough to be onto of the latest content.

I’m talking about competition fatigue, a blight that will soon sweep through all of video game culture. What I mean by that is today’s video game market is not just tilted towards competitive play, it’s dominated by it. With the long awaited acceptance of eSports in mainstream culture, video game developers have been scrambling to reach the get pinnacle in multiplayer gaming. I strongly believe this is hurting consumers that don’t have time to practice as much as others with more free time.

Now, I can hear it already… “101 Militia Gaming doesn’t support eSports!” That’s simply not the case. We actually have a competitive team ourselves, we’re just not FaZe Clan, G2, or Cloud9. Nor do we actually want to be.

Here’s us in action here.

It simply comes down to the fact that if I work 8-10 hours a day, it’s exhausting to go home and compete at a high level. If you don’t spend every second after work practice, you end up getting slaughtered. It’s simply not fun. Playing games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League and other mainstream triple-A titles feels more like a chore than gaming. I got so exhausted in Rainbow Six that I honestly loathed to get online because I knew we we’re going to play that. It’s a real shame, but it’s true.

Why don’t I just stop playing competitive games you ask? It’s simple. I don’t want to miss out on playing with my friends. That’s what modern gaming is all about. Bringing people together to experience amazing things in a virtual space. It’s a winning formula that has been replaced with an emphasis on intense competition.

For the next generation of gaming I would like to see a return to coop gaming. Every gamer of my generation has fond memories of staying up until 3am playing Left 4 Dead. That was the peak of coop gaming that sadly has struggled to return. There are several fantastic coop games that were overlooked this generation which i plan on covering in a later article.

Have you experienced competition fatigue in gaming? Let us know down in the comments! As always, stay healthy and love each other. We are all that we got these days.

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