Hunt or Be Hunted. Your thrilling start to the Bounty Hunting Life

Have you ever wanted to be a lone gunman? Or perhaps a deadly duo sneaking through the swamps of a forgotten time and place. If so, then slide on your cowboy boots and prepare to get bloody, it’s time to take a dive into Hunt Showdown. For those of you that don’t know the name, Hunt Showdown is a gritty in your face apocalyptic wasteland set in the 1890s.

You have one goal, get the bounty. On the other hand, just because that’s the main goal, don’t think it so easy to accomplish. You’ll have to contend with many different environmental hazards, countless monsters and ghouls. The fun doesn’t stop there, where the environment counts for half the horrors, but you also get to contend with six teams of two hunters while you’re at it. It’s a wonderful blend of PvP and PvE battle with the strongest or the luckiest coming out on top. It’s one of those games that keep you on the edge of your seat, anticipating what’s to come.

Hunt: Showdown

When your round first starts, you’ll be dropped in a random location. There might be players near you or there might not, constant surveillance is the key component to this game. If a person isn’t vigilant enough, that step through a water channel might just be your last. I can’t count how many times I’ve been sloshing my way through a swamp when out of nowhere, Game Over, a sneaky headshot from anywhere can put the mightiest warrior down. If you stay quiet, and on the move though, there’s a higher chance of you becoming the predator instead of the prey.

So if tough PvE with a mix of PvP then this is the game for you. So strap on your boots, and pick up your rifle it’s time for the Showdown. Will you Hunt or Be Hunted?

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