Cult Classic Throwback: Blood

It is that time once again for a Cult Classic Throwback! Today we are taking it on back to May 21, 1997, when Monolith Productions and GT Interactive Software released Blood in all of its gory glory.


Blood was a first-person shooter that featured a gun-slinging ex (sort of) cultist named Caleb on a vengeful rampage against Tchernobog, the god of the Cabal cult. As the game began, Caleb rose from his grave and said the legendary, “I… live… again…” From there you moved as him to defeat monsters and minions through hellish levels, everywhere from a graveyard and a moving train, along with many other destinations.

The levels were pretty detailed and for what the game was, it required pretty significant strategy to complete to move on to the next level. There were always special “Easter eggs” and hidden areas that contained rewards to add some extra fun to the game, and the overall gore was spot on. Unlike a lot of first-person shooters of the era, Blood boasted more challenging levels and was more lengthy. This wasn’t typically a game you would finish too quickly. Plus the weapons were known to be unique. I know that one of my all-time favorite weapons in any game was the voodoo doll that you could use to slay your enemies! Definitely the most unique weapon I’ve seen so far and the most fun to use.


Blood has had two expansions since the initial game dropped in ’97: Cryptic Passage, which gave players a new adventure in single player with extra levels, along with more multiplayer levels. Then there was Plasma Pak which brought a slew of new enemies and weapons.

As recently as 2019, Blood was re-released on Steam. However, the intellectual property ownership is apparently in limbo land with Warner Bros. Will there ever be the much deserved remake of this cult favorite? At this point, only time will tell.

So, what do y’all think? Have any fond, bloody memories of this classic horror game? Let us know in the comments below!


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