Baldur’s Gate EE: A Return To Greatness

Howdy y’all! Recently, developer Beamdog graced us with one of the greatest pieces of remastered art in the modern era of video games. I’m of course referring to the release of Baldur’s Gate EE for the PS4. Never in a million years could you have told me that I’ll be playing the greatest series of my childhood on my PS4 Pro, but yet here we are, living the glory days like it’s 1998. A time when it was social acceptable to play video games, and eat a bowl of cereal at the same time.

The PS4 port of Baldur’s Gate takes up back to the Sword Coast where it all began to battle it out with Sarevok and Irenicus once again. Not everything remains the same though. New classes, equipment, and companions await returning players to the franchise. Even a new scenario that connects the first and second game is included!

Beamdog created “Siege of Dragonspear” to bridge the gap between the two main installments, while putting their own flare on the game’s assets. They hand crafted a new story that perfectly follows up on the epic finale of the first game. The story follows your character shortly after the climactic battle with Sarevok. The player and the Flaming Fist, Baldur’s Gate’s military force, tracks down the last remnants of Seravok’s followers and puts them down.

Baldur’s Gate Siege Of Dragonspear

Shortly after, a mysterious group of assassins make a move on the player’s life, but ultimately fail. They are found to be employed by the leader of a crusade to the North rampaging the land scape. Soon, refugees of the crusade start pouring into the city causing a bit of a crisis within Baldur’s Gate. The dukes, along with leaders from Waterdeep and Daggerford, send the player with a coalition of troops to take on the crusade.

I was very impressed of what Beamdog did with this new expansion. Being able to use assets that are from a by gone era, and deliver us a fantastic scenario is absolutely amazing. They recorded all new audio, wrote new script for NPCs, created new treasure, and gave my character Elven Chain Mail…..the struggles of being a half caster in 2nd Edition.

Baldur’s Gate’s fluid controls mainly follow the same scheme as the great party based RPG, Pillars of Eternity. Having played it back in the day on PC I was concerned about how they could incorporate a controller for a game with some many tabs and buttons. What they did was using R2, you could bring up a button wheel to select your inventory, character sheet, map, journal, ect. It’s an incredibly simple design, but it makes the game work perfectly with no interpretations during combat.

With the return of Baldur’s Gate, and many other classic party based RPGs, I’m hoping this is a step to bring a mainly forgotten genre back. I plan on covering Baldur’s Gate II with the expansion “Throne of Bhall”, Planescape, Icewind Dale, and the great Neverwinters Night.

Do you like party based RPGs? We love them here at 101 Militia Gaming! Let us know your favorite one down below! As always, we love you and hope you’re all staying healthy in these uncertain times. Stay home and play video games.

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